Yeah, I know, the blog is quiet. And it will remain this way for a while. These days, I’m quite busy with my sites devoted to Japan. You can check the one in English there: Setouchi Explorer This year, the Setouchi Triennale is taking place and I’m quite busy with […]


Eating a French dinner, 10,000 kilometers from France is not always easy. My wife makes it possible from time to time. This was our Christmas dinner. It doesn’t look like much, but so far from home, it was priceless and unbeatable.   Duck magret and fried potatoes. Probably my favorite […]

French Dinner, far from home

I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year 2019! If you’re not sure about the drawing, here in Japan, 2019 is the year of the Wild Boar. And this is what I hope happens in France this coming year. 🙂 (the drawing was made by a Japanese […]

Happy New Year 2019

Bruniquel is a tiny village of the Tarn-et-Garonne department of France, in the South-West. Only about 600 people live there, and it is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France (probably in my personal top 10).The location has been populated since the earliest times, several archeological sites located […]


Today’s kanji drawn:     Exit – 出   Today’s kanji means exit, and is usually read “de” (and it’s usually associated to other kanji to create words). As I told you in the introductory post, the drawings I make here will not always actually reference the origins of the […]

Exit, Go out

  Place de la Bastille in Paris – an allegory   The photo was taken on May 8th 2007. I’m not 100% sure what protest it was, but as it was a week before Sarkozy was elected President, I assume it was a protest against him. Of course, it’s a […]

Place de la Bastille

There are two things I’m trying to improve these days. My drawing skills, and my Japanese skills. Last October, we can say that my attempt at Inktober was a success. That doesn’t mean that all the drawings I made were good – they weren’t – it means that the challenge […]

Drawing Kanji

What happened to me posting pictures of France during the summer? Well, life happened, and being busy with my Japan blogs, and Inktober too. So, let’s try: posting pictures of France during the end of autumn. 🙂   This is Rocamadour :     Rocamadour, despite being a bit too […]