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New Direction(s) and Major Changes

Hello everyone.

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed a notable lack of activity on this site. The reasons for this are numerous and varied, no need to list them here.

However, I’m afraid it’s time to pull the plug on David + World!

Don’t be shocked, nor horrified, please, and this is definitely not a goodbye if you don’t want it to be.

I’m going to continue posting similar content, hopefully, more often, but elsewhere.

So, I invite you to go check not one, but two new sites.


It’s a new site, and at the same time, it’s not. My very first blog was already called Swamp, and it was the ancestor of this current one. So, it’s a little bit of “going back to my roots”. You’ll find there most of the content you like here: some travel writing, “Ask a Frenchman”, reviews of TV shows, and other pop culture items.

There’s a twist, though. I’m not the only redactor. I’m writing it with a few friends who are all bringing their own expertise and interests to it. If you like David+World, I’m pretty sure you’ll like Swamp.Media very much too.


Under this logo, you’ll find my new personal blog, as well as most of my production online not directly related to Japan.

This new site is called and it will contain more personal content. Whether it is my grandfather’s correspondence from the early 20th Century, personal thoughts about various topics, my attempts at not sucking when I draw, or me having fun with Lego. Also, if you want to practice your French, it is bilingual.


So please, if you’ve enjoyed the content of David+World, follow these two new sites, you may like them.


A special mention to the people who are subscribed by e-mail. I will eventually move the mailing list to one of these two (I haven’t decided which one yet), but I warmly advise you to directly resubscribe to the one(s) you’re interested in.


Finally, David+World is staying online for the time being (I’ll try to move the most interesting content to the two new blogs, and I won’t shut it down before that has happened), but don’t expect new content here anytime soon.

Hopefully, see you very soon on The Swamp and on liminal web!


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