On campus, not too far from my office, there is this set of stairs:     There’s really nothing special about them. Just stairs. While I don’t walk past them every day, I’ve walked past them enough times. And there’s really nothing special about them. I even used them […]

The Stairs on Campus

  The things you find in Japan…   I understand the customer’s side of Engrish (I even asked some people to confirm): they just don’t care about what’s written. They don’t even bother trying to know what that means. It’s the manufacturer’s side that confuses me a bit. I assume […]

Obey Propaganda

Today, I saw the World! And by that, I mean the cruise ship called “the World“. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but it’s basically a cruise ship with apartments instead of cabins. So basically, passengers live on the boat, some of them full time, and own it […]

I saw the World