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My garden is growing!


Yes, things are finally growing in my garden!


This picture is actually from a week ago, and it has grown even more since!

I’m kinda proud. My attempt from two years ago was a failure (except for some very skinny daikon, I don’t even really care for daikon).


Meanwhile, in my wife’s part of the garden:




Alright, before you mock me too hard, you need to understand that our approaches are quite different. Her garden is a “normal” garden and she’s doing normal gardening things with it, while I’ve been attempting to get a natural and permanent garden.

Remember that my approach is that I planted a bunch of seeds and shoots more or less randomly and I’m letting it as untouched as possible and see what grows and what doesn’t. She wants to get vegetables as soon as possible and as much of them as possible. Meanwhile, I want to get something more or less sustainable in a couple of years (I’m not even sure it’s totally possible with such a small surface).

Both approaches complete each other in a sense.

I’ll keep you posted for what happens next.


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