Apparently, it’s quite wet in Paris today, but here, in my neck of the woods in Japan, it snowed – barely. That reminded me of that evening in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower on a snowy night, a few years ago:      

Snowy Night at the Eiffel Tower

    An inquisitive (or rather hungry) soft shell turtle in Ritsurin Garden, Takamatsu, Japan.    

Soft Shell Turtle

  So, this was my Christmas dinner:     In case you’re wondering, here is what was on the menu : Duck magrets, aligot, Parma ham (I’m being told that the Italian term is used in English for some reason, probably sounds sexier than just “ham”, so I meant, prosciutto […]

Not your typical Christmas dinner…

So, this is Christmas vacation (called “Winter vacation” in Japan) and among other things, I’m watching movies and cartoons with my kids. Last night, we watched Frozen. Believe it or not, it was the first time I saw it. Here are a few of my impressions (in no particular order) […]


  Water Lily in Ritsurin Garden, Takamatsu, Japan    

Water Lily

  I posted a similar picture a year or so ago, but here is an updated one from last summer (the previous one being almost 10 years old).   This is the Dordogne River valley, seen from the village of Domme. It is in my opinion, one of the most […]

The Dordogne Valley, seen from Domme

  Kanapaha Gardens is an awesome botanical garden located just outside of Gainesville, Florida. Here are some old pictures from back when I lived there (if I am to trust the timestamp, they’re from August 2004):     I remember it being more “flowery” but maybe it wasn’t the right […]

Kanapaha Gardens in Gainesville, Florida

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Rambouillet Castle, nor in its park or forest. However, I doubt it has changed much since the day that picture was taken.    

Rambouillet – Castle and Park