What happened to me posting pictures of France during the summer? Well, life happened, and being busy with my Japan blogs, and Inktober too. So, let’s try: posting pictures of France during the end of autumn. 🙂   This is Rocamadour :     Rocamadour, despite being a bit too […]


This is what I’ve been busy doing in October:     For more explanations, please click on the link below. There I explain why I did those drawings and more:   I can’t draw (Inktober 2018 edition)   I may or may not include future drawings here. We’ll see.  

Inktober 2018

  I was doodling a few days ago, and out of nowhere I realized that I had drawn an angry cactus!     Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. Ask my subconscious instead.   Apart from that, I seize the opportunity to tell you that I may post […]

Angry Cactus

  On campus, not too far from my office, there is this set of stairs:     There’s really nothing special about them. Just stairs. While I don’t walk past them every day, I’ve walked past them enough times. And there’s really nothing special about them. I even used them […]

The Stairs on Campus

  This month, this week (or the next, the previous one? I kinda forgot the exact day), I’m celebrating a very special anniversary. Two anniversaries really. The first one is a move that, among the many twists and turns that my life has taken, is the most definite and defining […]

Twenty Years Ago

I hate blog posts that start with “Sorry, I haven’t updated this blog in a long time” but… Sorry, I haven’t updated this blog in a long time… If you follow me on social media (if you don’t you should, check the links in the top bar), you know that […]

On The Road