Dear comment spammers, I appreciate your interest in my various blogs. However, I would like to remind you, or even inform you, of a few things about me, my blogs, and commenting.   All comments posted on all of my blogs and/or sites are moderated. I read all of […]

Dear comment spammers,

One thing I intend to talk about on this blog is… blogging… Worry not, it won’t be a “blog about blogging” – I’m not geek enough for that – but I think that it won’t hurt to occasionally share my experience and experiments in that field. You know, share stuff, […]

WordPress Plugins

  Yeah, this site has barely been launched, its blog has only one post (well, two with this one) and already a survey. Apparently I’m wasting no time. To get started I simply have one question: What would you like to see (or not see) in this blog? Yes, that’s […]

Second Post, First Survey