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Interviewing the Kids

Have I told you about my friend David?
Well, he’s a really cool guy with a great family, and just go check out his website, you’ll understand better. Also, his twitter account where he’s mostly active online. He’s also on a few more platforms and he had the great idea of having one unique online nickname: BigKamo. That’s very useful indeed when you want people to remember all your social media accounts and such… Not like yours truly who has probably three or four.

You need more? Well, know that he’s Australian, he’s married to an awesome Japanese woman and they have two great kids. Last year, the four of them decided to go a very interesting trip around the world, and… Seriously, just go check his website and his various social media accounts, it’ll be more interesting than me just telling you about him.

Where am I going with this?

Well, his two wonderful kids are very close in age to mine, and they’re all very good friends.

The other day, David interviewed his kids and posted the interview on Facebook.
And as his kids were eager to know what my kids thought about the answers, I decided to interview them too.

And because I wanted to add more content to this blog than just drawings as I tend to do these days, why not post the interview here? Especially because the drawing is not going so well at the moment. I tried to draw something today, and the result was less than impressive. But that’s for another day, now it’s time for the interview.

My two kids are H (girl, eight year old) and K (boy, four year old)

If you won a million dollars, what would you buy? 
– H: Lego, and a car when I’m an adult.
– K: Toys, and an ice cream shop when I’m an adult.
What does Mom always say to you?
– H: “No.”
– K: (He had no idea what to answer)
What does Dad always say to you?
– H: “Ok, but just a little.”
– K: “Be nice.”
 What job would you like to do when you’re an adult?
– H: Pharmacist or nurse
– K: Ice cream shop owner
Where do babies come from? 
– H: from women’s tummies
– K: from women’s tummies
(I think he had never considered the thing before and he just repeated what his sister said)
At what age do you become an adult?
– H: “Well, you enter university at 18, so I guess you’re an adult at 22”
(good reasoning here, daughter)
– K: 43
If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
– H: Pork
(she just recently became obsessed with various pork dishes for some reason)
– K: French fries
How much does it cost to buy a house? 
– H: Around 100,000 yen (that’s around €/$1,000)
– K: 10 coins
 Why do you think we should be nice to other people? 
– H: If you’re not nice, other people will be sad.
– K: You must not do bad things to friends.
What does love mean?
– H: It’s when people like each other. Also, hugs.
– K: I love everyone (in the family). Also, being nice.
What are you scared of?
– H: Ghosts.. and Hell
(a Japanese version of Hell, she doesn’t know about the Christian mythology thing)
– K: Oni
(a Japanese monster, kind of a mix between a demon and an ogre, you can read more about them there)
What is the most important to you?
– H: being alive, because if I’m not alive I can’t do anything else, so that’s the most important.
– K: Pokémon… and Netflix… and cars…
(He has very recently discovered the joys of binge watching on Netflix, as well as played with his toy cars all day before I interviewed him – oh and concerning the binge watching, do not worry, I closely monitor what they watch and how long they watch it, but they’re allowed to watch for a longer time if it’s in French – as cartoons are pretty much their only French input beside me and their mom speaking – also, they were on Spring vacation, but had to stay inside most days because of this stupid virus (no lock-down here yet), so they were allowed to watch TV more than usual, and yes, I feel the need to justify myself because I think kids in general watch way too much TV these days, and it’s always a difficult balance to attain especially in this very specific situation (the need for as much French input at possible with as little time in front of TV as possible)

Ok, that’s all for today. If you have kids, do not hesitate to interview them too, and share the answers with me, even more so if I know them. Cheers.

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