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Yul Kwon

(Cook Islands – 2nd-time player)

If you’re like me and many other people online apparently, you may think that this season isn’t be nicknamed Winners at War, but Yul is back!

Just like many other people, I consider him one of the best winners ever, and I never imagined that he would play again. So, yes, I’m more than excited that he’s back. This is not something I was even hoping for.

How will he fare? Good question. I think part of the cast will be starstruck and will want to work with him, but some other cast members will see him as one of the biggest threats out there and will go after him.

Depending on who is on his tribe (more on that in another post) he’d better help the tribe winning immunity often or he could be in trouble.

Can he win? No idea. He’ll have to play a dominant game to make it to the end, and I think that’s the kind of game that’s very hard to play in an all-returnees season. If all or most of the other “big threats” are out early, he could pull it out. If he makes it to the end, he wins for sure. That’s why everyone would be crazy to let him stay too long after the merge.

What could play in his favor is that he doesn’t seem to have the big ego that many of the “legends” have. Some of the recent and lower-key players could gravitate towards him. Together, they can get rid of the big names. And if Yul is left with mostly newer players at the merge, he could take control of the game until the end. He’s one of the most intelligent persons to ever play this game, and seeing him already being super analytical in his pregame interviews gives me good hopes for his longevity this season.

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