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Whitney Duncan

Wow, this Whitney Duncan is pretty! Mmm… Yes, I need to stay focused.

And apparently, she’s kinda famous too.

Her pregame interviews don’t tell a lot about potential gameplay, I’m not even sure if she knows the show well.

What I really hope is that she’s not using this to boost her singer carrier or something. Yes, I’m really afraid that once on the island, she worries more about her public image than anything else. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt though.

On the good side of things, she seems to have a fun personality and she seems to be someone who is pleasant to be hanging out with (and I’m not big on country music at all). So we can assume that her social game will be good. That being said, I’m not too sure who she’d ally with in her tribe. She could befriend Elyse become her BFF, or they could hate each other instantly and compete for the spot of the number one hot girl in the tribe (you know pretty girls, they always go one way or the other – what? I am being a cliché right now? Well, just a little).

Then there’s the Ozzy factor. She could bond with Ozzie (I just hope he won’t try to make some ozzlets with her), which could be a good thing for her if he becomes dominant in the game, or a terrible thing, if his tribe turns on him and then she’d just be Krista Klumpp 2.0.


If she’s not obsessed with her public image and can have the social game that I suspect she can have, she could go far. If she makes stupid mistakes (bond with Ozzy and stick with him when he becomes targeted) or doesn’t really play the game, she won’t last long. But I suspect that she’ll make the merge.



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