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White Tiger



This white tiger lives in the zoo of Beauval in France.



White tigers are very rare in the wild. The last one that was observed was in the 50’s in India.
(only white Bengal tigers have been observed, not other species)



All white tigers in captivity today are the descendants of one single male that was captured in India
and moved to London in the 50’s.



Because of that, inbreeding has become a major issue with white tigers, and many are born with birth defects, more and more with each new generation.

Personally, I’m not sure why they’re still being bred. I mean, yes, I see the commercial appeal. I’m sure they attract more visitors in zoo, so that’s more money to run the place. But it kinda goes against the mission of zoos. Nowadays their goal (at least in most the West – the story if unfortunately different in Japan) is education and preservation, not being amusement parks anymore, breeding and keeping white tigers kinda goes against that in my opinion.




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