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Wendell Holland

(Ghost Island – 2nd-time player)

Wendell Holland

I’m really glad to see Wendell again. In this day and age of “big movez” I really like his gameplay that was very dominant and yet not showy at all.

The only thing “against” him is that his win really was a two-men endeavor. It’s all fair that Domenick and he were tied in the end.

He’s another question mark. He’s a very smart and very good social player, and I wonder how he’s going to do without his partner in crime, and among all those big personalities.

I actually think that he can do well. I have the feeling that the recent winners – not having attained the “Legend” status – won’t really be targeted at the very beginning. And among all those recent winners, I think Wendell is the one that has the most chances to either lead the younger generation and/or manage to get into an alliance with some legends that he can use as “meat shields”.

He could go very far. For some reason, I see a woman winning this season, but if it’s a man, it could very well be Wendell.

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