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We can be heroes, just for one day


I wanted to title this post “Je déclare ouverts les Jeux de Londres, célébrant la trentième Olympiade de l’ère de moderne” but that would be pretentious of me to steal Queen Elizabeth II’s words, not mentioning the fact that this title could be confusing on an English speaking blog.

So, you got it, I’m going to talk about the London Olympic Games on this post. Well, not exactly the games but the Opening Ceremony, or at least what I saw of it, and a few thoughts and impressions.

First, a quick reminder; I live in Japan. It means that because of the time difference I won’t be able to see many events, that includes most of the opening ceremony actually.

This morning, I had to get up at 7am and I realized that maybe the Ceremony was not over. I turned the TV on, and what a pleasant surprise to see the Moroccan athletes entering the stadium. Sure I had missed most of the ceremony, but I still could see a big chunk of my favorite part; the athletes entering the stadium.


Yes, this is indeed for everyone.


See, for as long as I can remember (actually I can remember, it was the 1980 Moscow Games) I have loved watching the Olympics, and while I haven’t always been impressed by opening ceremonies (but I’ve heard so many great things about this one, so I’m going to try to watch the parts that I’ve missed later), the part I always love is the Parade of Nations, when athletes from all over the world come together in the stadium.

I guess as a kid, I loved learning about geography and seeing “actual” people from every country or something like that.

Today, I guess I love the symbol. The fact that all people and all countries can actually all come together and celebrate together. I know this is just a symbol, that the reality is very different. Still, it’s a symbol that I love.

Also, I’ve always had an issue with patriotism. Mostly because of its brother nationalism and their cousin xenophobia.

However, the Olympics in general and the Opening Ceremony in particular are the perfect example of how patriotism without his embarrassing family can exist. And that’s rare enough to mention it.

And yes, I admit, I find these moments beautiful. They are the moments that make me like mankind (as opposed to the many moments when I can be pretty cynical about it).

I am proud of these people and what they do, and I’ll try to follow them as much as possible during the next couple of weeks.


Go Japan!


I really liked this moment for some reason.


I don’t necessarily root for Greece, but I like the fact that they’re being honored every time.



They were heroes, possibly not just for one day.


God save the Queen


Yep, I’ll also root for my home country.



Ok, I gotta run, Japan is about to win a medal.


(of course, all the pictures are copyright London 2012 and such – most come from the official site – please don’t sue me)


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