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Wave (Inktober 52 – Week 9)

I like week 9’s prompt of Inktober 52: Wave.

As usual, I decided to draw one of the first things that came to mind, and here is the result:



A few comments. You’ve all recognized Hokusai’s “Wave off Kanagawa. The process of learning how to draw includes copying existing works. You actually learns a lot by doing that. In this case, the trick was with the coloring, and trying to reproduce movement through the colors. Unfortunately the scan darkened the thing a little bit.

Also, I have simplified the drawing. Partly because I only wanted the wave (no goodbye Mount Fuji and the boats), partly because I wanted to make my life easier (I had no idea how to easily reproduce the white spots of water being sprinkled everywhere).

I hope you like the result. Sometimes I do, sometimes I wish I had spent more time on this drawing. Ironically, I thought that the Inktober 52 format would allow me to spend more time on each drawing, the truth is that not as much as I’d like to. I also think it’s a question of patience. I will spend a lot of time on the actual drawing (with pencils), but when it’s time to ink, I kinda want it to be finished as quickly as possible. I must force myself to do that slower I believe.

Finally, on a not so important note, it is one of the very first drawings I’ve made (if not the first) that doesn’t use any black whatsoever.


Next week, the prompt is Elf, and the things I kinda want to draw are way out of my league. So I may end skipping it or drawing something silly. We’ll see.


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