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Ussat-les-Bains – Avenue de la Gare

Ussat-les-Bains - Avenue Gare


Another postcard from the small village of Ussat-les-Bains in the Ariège department of France. I have already posted one postcard of the village and more will come. It’s fascinating to see how things can change in one Century.

At the time of these postcards, Ussat-les-Bains seemed to be a big tourist destination, because of its hot springs, I assume from the name of the place “les Bains” means “the Baths.” Today, it’s a half-deserted village. I’m not sure what triggered that decline, nearby Ax-les-Thermes is still a quite renowned spa town. To get an idea of what the spot of this picture looks like nowadays, Google Maps is the perfect tool (especially Street View).


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