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Tyson Apostol

(Winner of Blood vs Water – 4th-time player)

If you’ve ever read my writing about Survivor or followed me online, you know that Tyson Apostol is one of my favorite contestants ever.

Now, while I love him to death – mostly because of his personality and humor – I definitely don’t consider him to be the best player.

However, if he’s not the best player, he’s definitely a good player. No one wins this game by chance, regardless of what some people say (well, there is “Fabio” from Nicaragua…) and Tyson totally dominated his season. The one he won, that is.

How far can he go? Hard to tell.

On the one hand, he has a lot of friends on the cast, that’s always a good thing. Tyson is of course very smart, but everyone is this season. He’s devious and quite a trickster, that will play in his favor. He’s also funny and likable, I don’t think he’ll make many enemies.

On the other hand, if he ever ends up on the wrong side of the numbers (after a swap for example), he could end up with a huge target on this back.

Still, despite what he says, I’m sure he’s still very athletic. He should help his tribe winning challenges early on.

After the merge, he could get into trouble if he appears to be a threat to win too many immunities. However, if there are a lot of big personalities left, he could navigate through the post-merge more or less under the radar. Yes, I know, it’s odd to talk about Tyson being under the radar. By that, I mean, amp up his goofy side while calling shots in the background, a bit like what he did in Blood vs Water. It could work.

In other terms, it won’t be easy, but he can win this season. Now, paradoxically, while I’ll be rooting for him, I almost hope he doesn’t win. For some reason, the editors always go out of their way to give the winner a “hero edit” and that’d be a shame with Tyson. We’d be deprived of a lot of his shenanigans. I think that was already the case when he won. From what I heard, he was as snarky and devious as usual, it just wasn’t shown so much.

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