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Tony Vlachos

(Cagayan – 3rd-time player)

Tony has a serious uphill battle to fight. He has to not only change the way he plays but even more difficult, he has to change the way people perceive him. And he has less than three days to do it! Or else, he could be among the first voted out… again…

His crazy and erratic (and exhausting) gameplay is very fun to watch, but I think it could only work once.
The thing that good Survivor players hate the most is uncertainty, and in a game full of uncertainties, they’ll always try to get rid of the uncertainties that they can get rid of.

Tony is uncertainty incarnate.

I believe that Tony can win every single time he’d make it to the end. However, I’m not sure if he can make it to the end a second time.

Cagayan was a once in a lifetime stroke of luck, and maybe he can even thank Kass for that, as she was even more unreliable than him, and in a sense, she shielded him and carried him much further than he should logically have gone. To avoid any misunderstanding, I’m not implying that he was being brought to the end at all. I’m saying that he could use Kass’s chaotic “nature” to his advantage and to deflect some attention from his own chaotic nature.

This coming season, unless he really changes how people perceive him, I don’t see anyone who would want to align with him. However, there is one thing that could greatly help him: the Edge of Extinction!
As it’s very likely he’ll be an early boot, once he’s there, as he won’t have to constantly scramble, lie and trick people, he can show a more relatable and friendlier side of him. And if he manages to return, he could pull a Chris-style win.
Now, as much as I love Tony, I’ll be very very upset is the winner of this season is someone who went to the Edge of Extinction. I think that the Survivor fandom will riot if that happens, and I’ll be in the frontlines.

Having that stupid twist to allow more screentime to some fan (or production) favorite who got voted out before their time? Fine. Whatever.
Having that stupid twist affecting the outcome of the game again? No thanks.

Back to Tony, what he has for him, is that he seems very aware of the mistakes he made in Game Changers, and he’s willing to tone it down a little, at least at first. But how long before his nature takes over? It will have to be as long as possible if he doesn’t want to be an early boot.

Tony is not on Twitter anymore. 🙁

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