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Thunder (Inktober 2018 – Day 27)


Isn’t there a “white rabbit” prompt for Inktober 2018? It’d be convenient.

So, yes, it’s official, I’m many days late now. The end should be tomorrow, but I may take the rest of the week to finish or even some of next week. Oh well.

So today, we have Thunder!

Hard to draw a sound, isn’t it?

First I thought of drawing Thor, but after butchering Mr. Fantastic, I was not in the mood of defacing the (super) heroes of my childhood again.

So, next I tried to draw the sound indeed:




It was kinda fun to draw, but I wasn’t too happy with what the final result would look like.

Then, it hit me. There’s another God of Thunder closer to me that I could try to draw.

So, here we go, let me introduce you to Raijin, the Japanese God of Thunder:




The original of this famous painting by Tawaraya Sotatsu looks like this if you need a reminder.

It’s not perfect, far from it. It’s even somewhat unfinished. As often, I’m afraid to mess it up if I try to add more details.



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