The Bright Side of the Moon



I took this picture yesterday with my new camera, a Fujifilm FinePix HS30EXR. It’s the first time I manage to take a successful picture of the Moon. I gotta admit that I’m pretty happy about that, and it makes me glad I bought this camera. Ready to have more amazing pictures to show you. More detail about my newest acquisition and my learning how to use it very soon. And probably more pictures of the Moon too (I’ll try again when it’s the full moon and or if I see an interesting crescent).



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David was born and raised in the French South West. After a few years in the US and a few more in Paris, he finally settled down in Japan. He blogs here about his various experiences and travels, with an emphasis on his home country, France.

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2 thoughts on “The Bright Side of the Moon

  • John Kraft

    Loved your picture of the moon. I just got the same camera & I’m just learning. What kind of settings did you use to get the clarity on the moon picture?

    John Kraft

    • David Post author

      Thanks for your comment.
      I don’t remember the exact settings.
      Of course, you need to shoot this one on manual mode.
      ISO is definitely 100 (I think the ISO is unfortunately the weak point of this otherwise awesome camera, can’t go below 100 and gets grainy really really quickly at or above 400).
      I don’t remember for Aperture, but I think it was very low, maybe as low as possible.
      Then, I advise you to vary exposure to see what’s best for you (It may depend on the luminosity of the sky on that day).
      Really, I advise you to take several pictures changing the settings one at a time and see what’s best for you.
      That day I may have taken a dozen pictures of the Moon, some were deleted right away, some other were more or less interesting in terms of luminosity, detail, etc.

      You can see a few more that I took on another day there: