This white tiger lives in the zoo of Beauval in France.     White tigers are very rare in the wild. The last one that was observed was in the 50’s in India. (only white Bengal tigers have been observed, not other species)     All white tigers […]

White Tiger

    I hadn’t posted an animal picture in quite a while, so here is one. It’s an Indian Rhinoceros, and like many other pictures of wild animals on this blog, it was taken at the Beauval Zoo in France, one of the best zoos I have ever been to. […]

Indian Rhinoceros

    If you want to see koalas up close and personal, and you don’t live in Australia, but in Europe, may I suggest the Beauval zoo?      


    An okapi chilling in Beauval Zoo.     Okapis are some of the strangest mammals I have ever seen.     By the way, don’t let the stripes fool you, they are related to giraffes, not zebras.      


    Spotted Hyena in the Beauval Zoo.     Despite its bad reputation I find it to be a fascinating animal (on the other hand, what animal is not fascinating?)    

Spotted Hyena

  I’ve always loved elephants, especially African Elephants. On the other hand, I’m not really special; who doesn’t love elephants?             Those African Elephants like many of the animals that appear on the blog live in Beauval Zoo.    

African Elephant