French Cuisine

    Ah oysters! Or should I underline raw oysters? One of my favorite dish on this planet. One of the dishes I miss the most when I’m not in France (why are oysters so common in Japan, but raw oysters so rare?). The dish I eat pretty much every […]

French Raw Oysters

    If you wonder what is the food item I miss the most from France when I spend extended time abroad (like recently, as I hadn’t set foot in my country in a little more than two years), my answer is without any hesitation: saucisson! It is “just” dried […]


  I’m back home in Japan, but that’s not a reason to keep on showing you some of the delicious food I ate while I was in France. Today the infamous escargots!     First of all, I’ve always found amusing that English speakers used the French word for this […]