No, I’m not obsessed with cats. Actually, I don’t even like cats that much, and I find the obsession with cats over the internet a bit strange. That doesn’t prevent me from sharing this picture with you. It is Lucy, my old roommate’s cat, and what I […]

Lucy playing

    I know, I’m easily amused. Thing is about 10 years ago (this picture is that old, the computer screen is a hint if you don’t believe me) there was a website called that was hilarious and represented a bunch of cats in lascivious poses. At that time, my roommate’s […]

Kitty Porn?

    For some reason I love this pic. This is Lucy. She was one of my roommate’s two cats back in 2002-2004. She definitely was a LOLCat. For example, one day she decided that jumping and hanging out in the bathtub was fun. One day happened what was bound […]