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South Pacific – Episode 5: Taste the Victory


I’m back home just in time for an amazing episode of Survivor. Definitely the best one since Heroes Vs Villains. This is because of those kinds of episode that I’m a fan of this show, it had everything you can ask for: good character development, an epic challenge, a big move, and even the redemption island part was almost interesting. So without further ado, let’s see what there is to say about it.





Gosh, at the beginning of the season I was so scared this tribe was going to be Ometepe 2.0. Thank you Jim and Cochran for not letting this happen.


Dawn Meehan: Not much about Dawn this week, but I’m glad that she stuck with Jim and Cochran’s plan. She’s a smart and strong woman, some others could have easily snitched to Ozzy about their plan in a lame attempt to be accepted by him. Instead, she went along with the plan realizing that when you’re near the bottom, it’s better to cut the top than just hoping to be less at the bottom but still at the bottom. Congratulations to her. Also, interesting to see her reaction at redemption island. If Christine manages to come back into the game, I can see the two women bonding and they could be dangerous.

Elyse Umemoto sent to Redemption Island: Well, she thought that playing Survivor meant to look pretty on camera and not do much except for cuddling with the local alpha male. Many women did that on Survivor, none of them won the game. Also, she’s the perfect example of why, even when you’re in what seems to be a solid alliance you should never let your guard down and never stop playing the game. Ozzy and her did just that, thinking that they had nothing to worry about with their five (remember last week when Ozzy said that it was too early to think about strategy?) Well, meanwhile, the three other members of the alliance kept on playing and realized that this five may not be the best way to go. I hope that will serve as a lesson for future pretty girls and clueless alpha males playing Survivor (I know it won’t be)

Jim Rice: Congrats to Jim. In just one episode (ok, two, as this started last week) he proved himself to be a good strategist at the game of Survivor. If he keeps on playing this way, he could reach the level of “great strategist” and even “great villain.” Can he win the game? Well, he’ll have to go to the final three with two goats in order to do so, as by the end of the season I feel that he will have made many enemies, but I’m not sure that there will be many goats left by then. In any case, his decision (and success) of voting Elyse out this week was the kind of move that makes me love the game, as well as the kind of move that will definitely shake things up and pave the way for what could to be a great second half of a possibly great season.

John Cochran: I still don’t know what to think of him. Funny and endearing at times, really annoying at other times. I’m glad he didn’t get voted out, but he still hasn’t shown any real game play. Voting Elyse out was Jim’s idea and plan, not his. That being said, if he survives until the merge (and now he seems in a good position to do so) he can go really far, as he won’t be threatening to anyone (and he even may be considered as someone to bring to the final two or three) However, I’m still waiting for those strategic moves from him.

Keith Tollefson: I’m glad to see what Keith made the right move. He’s definitely not a new Grant Mattos. He had everything to lose by staying loyal to Ozzy. That being said, he got more or less played by Jim, and I wonder if it’s going to come back to haunt one of them or not. I also wonder whether it was a smart thing or not to vote against Dawn and not Elyse. First, it sends the message that Whitney and he are not very set in their position. I’m sure their excuse will be that they promised not to vote against Elyse in an attempt to portray themselves as loyal people (very reminiscent of Coach voting against Courtney and not Boston Rob in Heroes Vs Villains, still sending Boston Rob packing), truth is nobody cares at this point, Elyse won’t make the jury unless something very extraordinary happens. Voting against Elyse too would have sent a strong message to both Ozzy and Jim, Cochran & Dawn. Here Dawn may get upset at them, plus the new power trio at Savaii may consider Keith and Whitney as not totally trustworthy sending them to the bottom of the pecking order. The only positive thing in voting against Dawn is that it may confuse Ozzy even more about what happened, which could lead to interesting things next week.

Ozzy Lusth: You’d think that, after three seasons, Ozzy would have learned that being the provider doesn’t mean squat when it’s time to vote in this game (ok, not 100% true, if it didn’t mean anything at all, he would have been voted out this week, not Elyse). You’d think that, after three seasons, he would have learned that being in a majority alliance doesn’t allow you to sit back and relax. But no, Ozzy doesn’t learn. Next thing we’ll see is him getting out voted with the idol in his pocket, although I see him play it next time they go to tribal, unless he uses it as a bargaining tool to not get voted out, but that would mean that he knows how to play Survivor, and we all know he still doesn’t, after three seasons he still thinks that Survivor is about climbing cocnuts, fishing, trying to hook up with as many girls as possible and compete in challenges every few days. Can’t wait to see him go, which could be very soon hopefully.

Whitney Duncan: This week it seemed that she’s actually playing the game, although she may still be riding Keith’s coattail. Well, I still know sure where to put her on the Savaii map.





 – Albert Destrade : Finally we see a little bit of Albert. And as suspected earlier, he’s definitely part of a core sub-alliance in the Upolu Five. A nice spot to be in, however, I’m pondering whether Albert made his first big mistake asking for Coach’s and Sophie‘s help in looking for the idol. Sure, he had trouble finding it, and if he had been caught red-handed looking for it without telling anyone, that would have painted a big target of mistrust on his back. The downside being that now Coach has the idol not him, and while those three seem to be extremely tight right now and could lend each other the idol if necessary, at the end of the day, Coach has the idol, not Albert.

Benjamin “Coach” Wade : Surprisingly, I don’t have much to say about him this week. He’s still playing a great game, even if he has to be careful of every step he takes. However, today we saw a little bit of the Dragon Slayer coming back, just barely, but could his antics be back sooner or later? Actually I’m sure he does tell a bunch of stories around the fire at night and that he does his chi thing in the morning, but for some reason this season it’s being edited out. And what’s up with the “nobody calls me Benjamin thing”? I’m sure people called him Benjamin (or at least Ben) in previous seasons. No?

Brandon Hantz : Surprisingly too, not much craziness from Brandon either this week (ok, we had just a tidbit in the beginning of the episode). And actually it was smart to not vote him out last week as apparently he’s an amazing cook (so he has some qualities after all) and I assume this was their only opportunity to cook this season.

Edna Ma: Nothing about Edna this week.

Mikayla Wingle: And not much about Mikayla either, except during the challenge. We can safely assume that Upolu won because she picked up that big chunk of meat from the ground that Rick had let fall.

Rick Nelson: He said “that’s fine”! Seriously, what’up with Rick? Why don’t we see him say or do anything at all? Is he being that boring? Or is he going to quit and as such he’s getting the Purple Kelly treatment? I really don’t understand why he is being left out of the edit in such a way.

Sophie Clarke: She’s another contestant that we don’t see enough in my opinion. She is smart, she seems to have an interesting personality, and she’s part of the core alliance in her tribe, so her lack of camera time is annoying too. I hope this means we’ll see a lot of her after the merge.


Redemption Island

Finally Redemption Island was interesting this week. Having people spilling the beans to the other tribe the way Stacey did is the only thing interesting about this twist. Apart from that let’s bid a warm farewell to Stacey, I wish she had stayed longer as she was hilarious (albeit not really playing the game, so her early departure is not a big issue in terms of game play) and congrats to Christine. I really start believing she’s going to “pull a Matt Elrod.” If she does, it could be interesting. She’ll obviously join with Savaii, however, I’m not sure about her chances of survival on the long term, as I can see Upolu voting her out right after she came back if they have the ability to do it in terms of numbers.


Next time on Survivor:

-Who will be sent to Redemption Island?

If Savaii loses, Ozzy seems on the chopping block, and instead of scrambling, it seems that he will just be mopping instead.

If Upolu loses, who is out? I’m still debating between Brandon, Edna and Mikayla.

What about you? What do you think about what happened this week? Feel free to comment.




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