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South Pacific – Episode 4: Survivalism

Alright, alright, I know I’m late, very late, white rabbit style late. Thing is, as I told you last week, I’m not currently home, and while I managed to watch this week’s episode I hadn’t had the time to blog about it until now. First I thought I was not going to blog about it at all, but it was a very good episode (especially with such a predictable boot) so better late than never right?

 (however, it’s going to be short and picture-less analysis)

So as I said, good episode this week. I hope production finally understands that having a cast comprised of people who know and love the game gives you a better season that would be famous recruited people who don’t know and care about the game, just being on TV.



Dawn Meehan: Wow. If there was any doubt that she is a strong woman, that challenge showed us what she’s made of. That being said, she’s still on the chopping block sooner or later if she doesn’t manage to make a big move. However, she seems to be on board with John and Jim’s plan.

Elyse Umemoto: Still not playing the game, she’s too busy cuddling with Ozzy. She could be next to go and she may not see anything coming.

Jim Rice: He realized that being in that 5 people alliance was not good for him. Targeting Elyse is a great idea, but I’m not sure he’s seeing that the really dangerous item here is Keith and Whitney, much more than Ozzy and Elyse.

John Cochran: So did we see what we’ve been promised with Cochran starting to unfold this week? Are he and Jim (and Dawn) going to try to take Elyse out to assert their position in the game and in the tribe? However, they’ll need more people on board for it to work. More people meaning Keith and Whitney. Will they accept? It’s not in their interest to do so, or is it?

Keith Tollefson: We didn’t really see him this week, so I’m going to expand on the previous question. What’s best for him and Whitney? Stick with Ozzy and Elyse? Or go with Jim, Cochran and Dawn?  Well, thinking about it, it’s better to jump ship and go with Jim, Cochran and Dawn. Here is why: If they stick with Elyse and Ozzy, they sure can take the others out, but they’ll be only four people when merge come, any surviving Savaii member not in the alliance will jump to Upolu. On the other hand, Jim, Cochran, Dawn, Keith and Whitney can be a very strong five at the merge.

Ozzy Lusth: Maybe one day he should start thinking about playing this game instead of just trying to get into some girls pants. Just saying.

Whitney Duncan: Apparently she is an item with Keith (and if there was any doubt, that brief shot when they all got their swimsuit and he was “checking” her tan line on her butt dismissed any possible doubt), in other words, they are the dangerous couple out there. Not sure where this will bring us.






Albert Destrade : Was he even there this week?

Benjamin “Coach” Wade : He must be happy, for once in three appearance he is the leader of the tribe and he calls the shots as far as voting goes. How long this will last? No idea. Especially because his social game still sucks (trusting Brandon too much, hoping that Stacey would accept a hug after being voted out, etc.)  Also kuddos to him for recognizing that he was not playing the game the first two times.

Brandon Hantz : Talking about not playing the game… His apologies to everyone and their mothers were funny, especially when he was betraying his alliance by doing so and without realizing it. Now his quest for rehabilitating the name Hantz is annoying and embarrassing. I hope he gets voted out soon, he uses too much camera time and once again it’s not even really about him but about Russell.

Edna Ma: I felt bad for Edna when she realized that she was the sixth member of a five people alliance. I really did. But afterwards her attempt to be liked by her tribe seemed very annoying. However it’s interesting to see that she reacted in that way instead of flipping out on her tribe mates. It may actually have made her win some more days on the island.

Mikayla Wingle: “It’s in his blood.” Seriously Mikayla? Do you believe that stupid thing that you said? This one and probably a few more… So far she is this season’s big disappointment. He believe that she had a nice edit during the first two episodes because of Brandon’s stalkery portrayal, but now I start to believe that she’s actually pretty dumb and completely clueless about many things, the game included.

Rick Nelson: Maybe one episode we’ll see hi more than 10 seconds. Maybe.

Sophie Clarke: Not much about her, yet, she’s really seems to be positioning herself in the best spot in the whole game (well, I kinda said the same thing last week). We’ll see where this brings us (and her).

Stacey Powell sent to Redemption Island: She was really funny. Intelligent too apparently. Too bad she didn’t make any friends, cause it seems that it gets down to that in the end.


Redemption Island

I was a bit sad to see Papa Bear go, but happy Christine stay alive. Oh by the way, I suspect Christine to read this blog. If this is the case, Christine, don’t be shy, drop me a line and say hi (and thank you for being a reader). Same applies to any other past or current contestant.


Next time on Survivor:

-I forgot what’s happening in the preview except something about Coach not wanting to be called Benjamin.

-Who will be sent to Redemption Island?

If Savaii loses, will Cochran and Jim manage to oust Elyse? I kinda hope so. If not, Cochran is in trouble.

If Upolu loses, who is out? Edna, Mikayla or Brandon? I hope it’s Brandon, but I’m afraid it will be Edna.

What about you? Do you agree with my analysis?


Ok, next week, I’ll be back home, so you can expect a more timely and more fleshed out analysis.


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