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South Pacific – Episode 3: Reap What You Sow


Ok, I was on a small trip yesterday and today, I recently got back home, I’ve just finished watching the episode and I’m pretty tired, so it’ll be a small analysis, although I’m not too sure it would have been much longer in other circumstances as this episode was more or less the first bad one of the season, and I hope this won’t start a trend like it did last season.

What didn’t I like during this episode? Well, mostly the fact that the editors have decided, once again, to focus on only a handful of contestants, pushing the other ones in the background as mere extras. The same thing happened last season. First I thought these people were in the background because they were going to shine later, but no, they didn’t, they got voted out later, they were just the extras of the Boston Rob and Phillip Shepard show. And right now, it looks like we’re heading towards a Brandon Hantz and John Cochran show… I hope I’m wrong, I really do, because if I’m not, focusing too much on just a few “characters” may even be a worse idea and be more detrimental to the show than bringing back old contestants among new ones or Redemption Island are.

Talking about Redemption Island, what wasn’t left on the editing room’s floor was 10 entire minutes (out of 42! that’s almost 25%) of boring, uninteresting and anti-climatic redemption island duel where Semhar proved once again that she was the most useless contestant ever, obviously in the show with one purpose and one purpose only; hoping to get noticed by someone so that her and her terrible bullshit poetry become famous. Sorry Semhar, but that will never happen. See those 10 minutes of duel? They’re part of your 15 minutes.



 – Dawn Meehan: She’s in a weird situation. She’s out of “the five” but she’s at the top of the “three”, so who knows, maybe she could replace the “5th” at some point. Well, if that happens, she’d still be the 5th wheel, so she’ll have to find another way to stay longer in this game than just move up one notch in the totem pole.

Elyse Umemoto: I’m not sure she’s playing the game, she’s just cruising it right now. Not good.

Jim Rice: Not much about him this week. It was smart of him to vote for John, just in the event that Papa Bear had the idol (I suspect that he knew he was going to get a vote and he didn’t want to be the one sent home if that happened). It also shows that he’s really not in control of his alliance, as soon he’ll be the only one not knowing that Ozzy has the idol. He is safe for now, but he’ll need to wake up and smell the coffee soon if he wants to stay safe.

John Cochran: He’s really starting to annoy me. He’d better start doing something to deserve all that camera time.

Keith Tollefson: Great move from Keith this week. How to cement an inside alliance using the idol when you don’t have the idol? Tell somebody (Whitney) that another member of your alliance has the idol (Ozzy) but didn’t tell you. Very smart Keith, very smart. I was afraid you would be this season’s Grant Mattos, but you already shown more game play than the entire Ometepe tribe. Now, I hope that Keith is preparing Ozzy’s blindside or that would be useless.

Mark “Papa Bear” Caruso sent to Redemption Island: Being the weaker member of the tribe and not making many friends in it is never good. I liked Papa Bear, but I don’t see how he could have survived much longer (and I also doubt he survives for long at Redemption)

Ozzy Lusth: Do you want another example of why Ozzy sucks at Survivor? Telling another member of your tribe that you have the idol when you have nothing to gain.

Whitney Duncan: Wow. She spoke this week! And apparently she has a secret alliance with Keith! Does it mean she’s playing the game? Well, we can’t be too sure since the editors didn’t deem necessary to show us anything else about her in three episodes.





Albert Destrade : Albert is up to something, I’m telling you. What? No idea as the editors don’t care about him except in challenges.

Benjamin “Coach” Wade : Want an example of why Coach sucks at Survivor? Even when he’s being Benjamin Wade and not Coach, he still wants to help that troubled kid getting his redemption instead of cutting his losses with him. OK, I’m a bit tough with Coach. After all Upolu won immunity, so we don’t know that Coach won’t vote Brandon out next time.

Brandon Hantz : He needs a shrink and he needs to get voted out very soon. He’s wasting too much precious camera time. However, he won’t waste too much of my time, at least not this week.

Edna Ma: Poor Edna. I’m sure she’s fun and interesting, but we won’t know as the editors obviously don’t want us to know anything about her.

Mikayla Wingle: I really liked Mikayla in pregame interviews, now I’m a bit worried about her. The whole Brandon debacle shows one thing: she’s pretty clueless about what’s going on in the tribe, and she doesn’t have many friends in it. Not good, not good at all. What was good though is the way she confronted Brandon, that was the smart thing to do.

Rick Nelson: I’m sure that Rick has very interesting and wise things to say. Unfortunately we may never now as the editors really seem to hate him too.

Sophie Clarke: Is that just me or is she the one who the editors should be interested in this season? I have the feeling that it won’t be too long before she runs the tribe, and the show, and possibly wins a million in the end.

Stacey Powell: See Edna and Rick. At least, she has funny one liners that we get to see.


Redemption Island

The good news this week is that we will never see Semhar again (except for one second at the reunion show).

I’m glad that Christine won, but I don’t like the way she blames Coach for having been voted when she has only herself to blame.

Funny detail: I thought “can she pull a Matt?” and not one second later she said “I may pull a Matt.”

However, I don’t think that she will pull a Matt. I think that she will defeat Papa Bear for sure though.


Next time on Survivor:

-Is John Cochran finally becoming the player we all thought he was going to be?

-Who will be sent to Redemption Island?

If Savaii loses, Cochran seems like the obvious choice, except that he finally seems to start succeeding at some strategizing. Do I smell an Ozzy blindside coming soon?

If Upolu loses, I really hope we are going to get rid of Brandon (I see Coach wanting to keep him, just a little bit more and Sophie/Albert/Rick taking over the tribe and getting rid of him).

What about you? Do you agree with my analysis?


Also, next week, I’ll be away from home again, while I’ll be online and able to watch the show, I’m not too sure I will have time to blog much about it. I’ll grant you of at least a few lines for sure though (and if you’re curious about all my comings and goings lately, you can follow my other blogs at David + World)


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