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Survivor Favorites

I know, I need to catch up with my Lost analysis, but right now I’m more in a Survivor mood.
On Wednesday, Jenna Morasca blogged about her favorite moments in the past 20 seasons of Survivor, and I think that’s a good idea, so I won’t be original at all and do exactly the same thing. Except that I don’t always have favorite moments, sometimes it’ll be favorite people.
  1. Survivor: Borneo – Mmmm…. I won’t be original, and I’ll say like anybody else who has ever watched Survivor: Sue Hawk‘s speech about snakes and rats. One of the best moment of television ever. More generally, I’ll say that Richard Hatch was the best thing in that season as he has simply defined what Survivor should be, without him I’m afraid that the show wouldn’t have survived long once the hype was gone. For example, the French version of the game never had a Richard Hatch, and the strategy side of a game is really a minor aspect of it (I also blame the producers for that of course), while I always thought it was the only important aspect… The survival and challenges… Yeah, they’re important when you’re there, but watching them… Nah…
  2. Survivor: Australian Outback – Mike Skupin killing the pig and falling in the fire. Colby proving he’s one of the biggest idiots to ever play this game. I really liked Elizabeth Filarsky back then… Not anymore… And let’s not forget Jerri, who if nothing else was entertaining.
  3. Survivor: Africa – The first switch ever (most of the time I like them, except when people get voted off because of them) as well as one of my favorite alliance ever : Lex Van Den Berghe, Ethan Zohn and Tom Buchanan.
  4. Survivor: Marquesas – Gina Crews (for the sole reason that she was from Gainesville and very sweet) and the first time I really hate somebody on the show, yes, I’m talking about Boston Rob Mariano. First lame winner.
  5. Survivor: Thailand – Many people think of it as the worst season ever, but for some reason I liked it, especially because of characters like Shi Ann Huang, Robb Zbacnik, and of course Brian Heidick who I’m sure is a very slimy, sleazy, disgusting guy, but an incredibly good player. I’m sure Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett have very good reasons to not want to have anything to do with him ever again, but sadly it’s a loss for the game. 
  6. Survivor: The Amazon – Two names: Jenna Morasca and Rob Cesternino. 
  7. Survivor: Pearl Islands – Two names again anf for very different reasons: Rupert Boneham and Jonny Fairplay. 
  8. Survivor: All-Stars – In retrospect, this season was a huge disappointment for me.
  9. Survivor: Vanuatu – Not a great season either. A few interesting characters (Chad, Leann, Julie, Ami, Eliza and Scout) but while the “Men vs Women” thing was fun to watch in the Amazon, there it had too many bad sexist vibes (from both sides, even more so from the women’s side).
  10. Survivor: Palau – I loved that season. Of course, the name that comes to mind right away is Stephenie Lagrossa. She became one of my favorite survivors then, sadly, she had to come back for Guatemala and Heroes Vs Villans and ruin everything. Let’s not forget Jenn Lyon 🙁 and Ian Rosenberger. 
  11. Survivor: Guatemala – I have almost no memories of that season, and I’m afraid it’s not only because it was broadcast when I moved back to France and subsequently moved to Paris (so I must have missed a few episodes). 
  12. Survivor: Panama – Exile Island – I really love this season. Great characters and players (Bobby Mason, Austin Carty, Sally Schumann, Bruce Kanegai, and of course the unforgettable Shane Powers and Cirie Fields – No, I was not a fan of Terry’s), sadly, one of the most forgettable winner. What was his name again? 
  13. Survivor: Cook Islands – Another amazing season, mostly thanks to unforgettable players like Jonathan Penner, Parvati Shallow, Ozzy Lusth and of course Yul Kwon who stays one of my favorite winner.
  14. Survivor: Fiji – Yes, the “haves” vs “have-nots” twist was a miss, but I still like this season thanks to people like Yau-Man Chan, Earl Cole and Michelle Yi (another of my favorite alliance, and I’ll never fogive Burnett for screwing Michelle over the way he did, or whoever’s idea it was to do that team/individual immunity challenge), and let’s not forget James “Rocky” Reid,  Edgardo, Mookie and Alex as well as Dreamz. 
  15. Survivor: China – One of my very favorite season, especially because over the years, I -of course- thought about how I would play the game if I had the chance to play it (which I never will, just because I’m not a US citizen, and I have no interest in the French version because it sucks), and the strategy I had designed was exactly the one that Todd Herzog had and guess what? He won! Of course, Survivor China wouldn’t be as good without Amanda Kimmel, Courtney Yates, James Clement, Frosty Zernow and I have to admit Jean-Robert Bellande. 
  16. Survivor: Micronesia – Fans Vs Favorites – One of the best seasons ever, and definitely one of the most strategic one. All of those blindsides! I wish it was the same every season. Other moments include Cirie screwing over my man Yau-Man, Joel Anderson being a insensitive brute, but a fun one to watch, Erik Rechencach and the “stupidest move ever” and of course Parvati proving that she’s not just a flirty girl, but one of the top players of the game.
  17. Survivor: Gabon – After such two great seasons, we had to have a disappointing one. What is there to remember from Survivor Gabon? Not much if not Randy Bailey and Ken Hoang.
  18. Survivor: Tocantins – A very entertanining season, with not one, not two, not even three, but four of my favorite contestants ever: James “JT” Thomas, Stephen Fishbach, Benjamin “Coach” Wade and of course Tyson “Awesome” Apostol.
  19. Survivor: Samoa – Not a memorable season except for… Russell Hantz of course… But that’s pretty much it. 
  20. Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains – It’s obviously to early to have a favorite moment on this season, but if it keeps with the pace and the tone it’s having, it could just be the best season ever.

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