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Survivor 40 – Winners at War – First Thoughts

Oh, hey… Hello there…

Looks like I’m back blogging about Survivor

It’s been what? Around two and a half years! That’s quite a lot.

See, the thing is that I have never stopped watching Survivor. I’m as hooked by this show as I ever was. However, writing about it has become more and more difficult. Not because of the show itself, but rather because of, you know, life. I simply didn’t have the time anymore.

Do I even have the time for this coming season? I’m not too sure. I do right now, though. And this upcoming season should have every Survivor fan excited, don’t you think? I know I am. To the point that I’ll try blogging about it this year, that’s how excited I am.

So here we are back again with my Survivor Analyses and Speculations! (that was the original title of the blog if anyone remembers).

By the way, there will be no spoilers. 

Winners at War

Like many people out there, I never thought that they’d manage to have an all-winners season. I’m still pinching myself about it. And the cast is stellar! Well, almost any all-winners cast has to be stellar right?

For the next 20 days or so, I’ll write more or less daily posts introducing the cast (I assume you know them already), and telling you what I think of them as Survivor contestants and how I think they will fare this season.

After that, if there is still some time, I’ll add a few more posts about another thing or two.

And once the season has started, I’ll do my best to post my weekly thoughts and speculations about the episode.

Before all of that, let’s get the negative out of the way. Two twists have also been announced already. One we all know (and all hate?), and a new one that seems pretty unnecessary.

Edge of Extinction

You probably know that the infamous Edge of Extinction is back. Why Jeff Probst? Why? Wasn’t Season 38 a lesson?
I mean I understand that you want your favorites to have as screen time as possible, especially when they’ll be voted out early, and you also want them to have a chance to re-enter the game at some point. But do we really want to run the risk again to have an early boot ending up winning the game? Do we want what should be the greatest season of all be tainted by a winner that has been previously voted out? Seriously? It doesn’t make any sense.

Fire Tokens

Apparently, there’s also going to be some sort of currency in the game in the form of fire tokens. Yeah, whatever, I don’t really see the point, but don’t dis the twist before you see it being played out. However, this seems very unnecessary.

This season should be a season with as few twists and advantages as possible, but apparently, this is not what modern-day Survivor is about anymore.

OK, enough complaining, let’s get excited about something that should be an amazing season!

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