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Survivor 25: Philippines – Preview: Tandang Tribe


And, after Kalabaw (the red tribe) we’re back with a few lines about the Tandang Tribe. Let’s see what few words I have to say about it:





  • Michael Skupin (Professional speaker, author and coach. 50. White Lake, MI): Newcomers to Survivor may not remember him (although his accident made him famous at a time Survivor was the most watched show on TV), but back then, Michael Skupin was more or less the ultimate Survivor contestant in Mark Burnett’s mind (even more so than Richard Hatch I think). So, I’m really curious what Michael will do this time around. It’s also interesting to see how he will adapt to this new game, Survivor has evolved so much in the 22 seasons he was away from the game. However, I’m confident that he prepared himself and that he won’t be a disappointment. Actually I’m afraid that season has pretty much be tailored for him by production (the way it was tailored for Boston Rob in Redemption Island and tailored for Ozzy in South Pacific). We’ll see. Follow Mike on Twitter.


  • Abi-Maria Gomes (Business Student. 32. Los Angeles, CA): Blah… If she sounds so pretentious and fake for her pregame interview with Dalton Ross, how is she going to be on the show? The same most likely… But worse. I smell early boot.


  • Roberta “R.C.” Saint-Amour (Investment Banker. 27. New York): Could be interesting.. Or not… No idea really.


  • Artis Silvester (Computer Engineer. 53. Terry Town, LA): He seems interesting to say the least. How will it fit in? Hard to tell. Although this team seems to be the one where he could fit in well. He seems to hate Philip Sheppard, but right now, this is who he reminds me of. I hope I’m wrong. If he’s a good character and not a freak, I could love him. However, he has a too big mouth, he’ll get into trouble.


  • Lisa Whelchel (Former “Facts of Life” Actress. 49. Dallas, TX): Before we go any further, apparently she’s famous from an old 80’s sitcom I have never heard about, so it’s going to be interesting for me to see “a celebrity that I don’t know” on Survivor. She seems friendly. Probably fun. She could be strategic actually. She most likely be the “mom” of the tribe, which is a good spot to be in usually.
  • Pete Yurkowski (Engineering Graduate. 24. Holmdel, NJ): Pretentious. Not sure he knows the game too well actually. Kinda reminds of Mike from last season. I predict a similar fate.




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