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Survivor 25: Philippines – Preview: Matsing Tribe


And here is the third and last part of our preview of Survivor Philippines tribes with the blue tribe aka Russell Swan’s tribe, aka Matsing.





  • Russell Swan (Environmental Attorney. 45. Glenside, PA): Ah, Russell. I don’t know what’s up with him (or with me), but he seems like a very nice guy. He’s smart. He’s interesting. But for some reason he annoyed me during his first season. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just because I don’t like his voice or if this is something else I couldn’t really pinpoint. Also, I have a pretty strong grudge against him. I’m 100% that if he hadn’t been evacuated during Samoa, he would have managed to hold Galu together long enough to get rid of the other Russell, who would have never made the finals, and wouldn’t have become this “Survivor household” he is now. Who knows, that may even would have spared us of Redemption Island. What will he do this season? Hard to tell really, his tribe seems to be the most disparate, and as such, the most unpredictable, but I think it should also be the most interesting, and Russell’s natural leadership should allow him to hold it together for a good while as long as they win challenges.


  • Malcolm Freberg (Bartender. 25. Hermosa Beach, CA): This season I seem on the fence with most new contestants (ok, I’m like that almost every season), but for some reason I instantly liked him. Apart from the returnees, he seems to be one of the few players who’s here to win, and who knows the game very well. On top of that he seems to have a very interesting personality. I see him possibly being the new Tyson Apostol, although I’m afraid he could also be a new obnoxious villain, Russell H. style. I like his sense of humor though, that’s a good sign (the very fact he doesn’t take himself seriously but seems to take the game seriously is a good sign).


  • Zane Knight (Tire Repair. 28. Danville, VA): Talking about taking oneself seriously. Zane seems totally incapable of self-distanciation. At first sight, my reaction is “Brandon Hantz 2.0”. He could be a bit more fun to watch, but not too sure. While painful at times, the train-wreck that Brandon was, could be interesting and fun at times.


  • Angie Layton (Student. 20. Provo, UT): Come on Survivor casting department, is it really that hard to find female contestants who are both easy on the eye and there to play the game (instead of there to get exposure on national TV)? Does she even know hos Survivor work? Not sure. She says that she’s not a dumb blonde? Really? I hope she proves me wrong, but that will be very hard to do. The good thing is that I’m pretty sure that she’ll be the first one out in her tribe.


  • Roxanne “Roxy” Morris (Seminary Student. 28. Brooklyn, NY): Do we really need another Jesus freak on Survivor? Didn’t we have enough in recent seasons? Fortunately, she seems pretty naive, not outdoorsy and athletic at all, so she will most likely be eaten alive (and could save Angie from being the first one out).


  • Denise Stapley (sex Therapist. 41. Cedar Rapids, IA): She seems very intelligent, and have pretty good social skills. The question is how well will she fit in. If she can find friends early on (Russell and Malcolm?) She could go very far I think.




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