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Survivor 25: Philippines – Preview: Kalabaw Tribe


And I’m back for another season of Survivor. Did you miss me? Sorry, I meant to post a thing or due during the past three months but I’ve simply been too busy.

Even for these previews, don’t except a post per contestants, however, time constraints are not the only reason. I feel I simply don’t have enough material to chew on for some of them (my only source is Dalton Ross‘ interviews on

So, as you most likely know this season’s first “twist” is to have three returning players, all of them having been “med-evacuated.” I got to admit that while I usually hate returning players playing against new players, I kinda like this idea. The other thing that goes with it is the fact that they’ll start the game with three teams of six, and that too is interesting as the likeliness of a power five making it to the final five is reduced this way.

With that in mind, let’s see what few words I can say about the members of the first tribe. (most of the time it’ll just be just a few words, literally)





  • Jonathan Penner (Writer. 50. Los Angeles, CA): I gotta say that I’m happy to see Penner back to the game. I’m not even sure why, he has this tendency to annoy me at times, but I don’t know, I always respected his game, and I love the fact that he won’t take any shit from Probst.
    How will he do? I really see him doing well. He’s the most strategic of the three returning players (and we know how huge of an advantage it is to be a returning player), he has good social skills too. What could play against him is actually his relationship with Probst, as the other contestants may seem them as too close. I’m not exactly sure how fit he is nowadays, not that he should matter much as the experience he will bring to his team should put him in a safe position early in the game (when not sucking physically matters the most). Follow Penner on Twitter.


  • Sarah Dawson (Insurance Sales. 28. Silver Spring, MD): Speaks too much? A bit too overconfident? Annoying? And obnoxious/bitchy? Acting too much for the camera? I’m tempted to answer “yes” to all of those questions. Follow Sarah on Twitter.


  • Katie Hanson (Former Miss Delaware. 22. Newark, DE): Yawn… One important quote from her interview though: “I’m intelligent, I’m a senior in college, so…” I hope you laughed as hard as I did.


  • Jeff Kent (Former Baseball MVP. 44. Austin, TX): Apparently he’s famous (sorry, I could never get into baseball). Pro athletes usually tend to do relatively well in the game but tend to fail because of poor strategy. He seems to have his head on his shoulders. He may be too nice to go far though.


  •  Dana Lambert (Cosmetologist. 32. Winston-Salem, NC): Apparently she’s this season’s “freak”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think she’s more of a freak than any beauty pageant or redneck or camera whore that regularly comes to this show. What I’m saying by that is that she may be perceived as such by the others and may have trouble fitting in. She doesn’t seem too athletic either. And she seems more motivated by the “adventure” than by winning. I hate those people as they always end up being poor players and poor TV too. I say (I hope?) she’s an early boot.


  •  Carter Williams (Cross Country Coach. 24. Shawnee, KS): He will most likely be a physical player and unlikely to be an early boot. I’m not sure of his strategic and social skills though. Follow Carter on Twitter.



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