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Survivor 24 – One World: The Cast



I haven’t had time to look too much in details of the cast of this coming season (and I’m waiting among other things for Dalton Ross’s pregame interviews) but here is a list of their names, ages, Twitter handle if they have one, etc.

But first of all, my general feelings about this upcoming season:



The Good

  • No returning players.
  • Nobody in the cast seems to be related to Russell Hantz (or to any other player for that matter, I know we will have Boston Rob’s brother or something like that sooner or later).
  • No Redemption Island (i.e. real boots where the tribe will have spoken, the torch will be smuffed and the contestant will disappear from the show (or to the jury)).
  • For once, the new twist (both tribes live together) seems interesting and could really bring something new to the game.


The Bad

  • I’m not a big fan of the Men vs Women thing. It leads to a lot of sexism and those sorts of things. However, I understand that with both tribes living together, it’s the best way to remember who is on which tribe.
  • I’m not too excited for the new cast. Ok, I’m rarely excited for the new cast the first time I see them, but after last season that had a lot of real fans, this season seems to be back to casting eye candies who are on the show to be on TV, not to play Survivor. We’ll see.


The Cast


(aka the women)



(aka the men)


(note that most of the Twitter accounts are extremely recent, obviously created because the person was going to become famous for 15 minutes, so don’t expect much from those accounts)


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