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Survivor 22: Rob & Russell

Well, well, I guess I have to talk about them two too. Even if I wish they’ll be number one and two voted out, I know the producers will find a trick to have them around a little longer, so like it or not (not in my case) we’ll have to deal with them for at least a few episodes. 

Boston Rob Mariano

I see how he will be edited, just by the way Jeff Probst talks about him. He will be the redeemed ex-villain. He has been really bad, now he’s back one last (?) time to prove that he can be a hero. And believe me when I tell you that he will be the hero (regardless of his actual behavior out there) when the editing is done.

What are his strong points in my opinion?
  • He know the game very well.
  • He’s one of the best at challenges ever, I give him that.
  • Some people in his tribe will look up to him.

What are his weak points?

  • He’ll be a little too confident, playing with newbies and all.
  • Nobody will want him in the final two or three, fully knowing that if he makes it this time, people will be impressed and may just give him that million finally.

How will he do?

  • I think he will make friends, he will be useful around camp, he may even get some sort of an alliance. He should make it to the merge. Everybody will gun for him as soon as they’ve merge. Unless he wins every single individual immunity, they’ll catch him before the end.

What do I think of him so far?

  • I hate him less than Russell as a human being.
  • I like him less than Russell as an entertainment value.

Russell Hantz

Here is how it’s going to play out for him. Depending on his currently relationship with Survivor powers that be regarding a certain incident, he’ll be depicted as either the Survivor Über-villain or a pathetic fool. In any case, even if he was great to watch in Samoa, I got tired of him some time during Heroes Vs Villains, seeing him three times over four seasons is way above what I can appreciate and I hope to never see him again after this season is over.

What are his strong points in my opinion?

  • At this point? Not sure. If the Heroes Vs Villains contestants had seen him play before meeting him, there is no doubt in my mind that they would have voted him out first and we would have never heard of him again. Hopefully, this is what this season’s contestants will do.

What are his weak points?

  • Seriously? Do I need to enumerate all of them?

How will he do?

  • I hope he gets voted out first. He should be getting voted out first, unless the production has found a jump-the-sharky way to keep him longer. In any case, as soon as he’ll be in a position to be voted out, he will be voted out.

What do I think of him so far?

  • I guess I have expressed it enough, haven’t I? I’m sick and tired of seeing him, and I don’t see what will make me change my mind, unless there’s a way that he gets humiliated every episode.

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