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Survivor 22 – Redemption Island: You mangled my nets!

And I thought that having only Ometepe left would make this season interesting… No, it was just another predictable episode, with nobody but Rob willing to play the game, again…
At this point, the only thing that could redeem Redemption Island is if Phillipactually turns out to be the most amazing special agent and reveals at the final tribal that he played them all since day one. Anything short of that will rank this season among the worst.Also, I know I’m not going to make friends here, but what’s up with the religious nutjobs getting glorified this season? I know America is currently on a slippery slope heading towards more and more religious fundamentalism to the point that sometimes I have more and more trouble seeing the difference between some American Christians and other religious wackos, whether it is in Israel or in Afghanistan, but at least for the past 10 years, those crazy people were presented as crazy people on Survivor, not as heroes. First Matt, and then Mike, not mentioning Natalie’s mom.

Survivor, come on, for the past 10 years you did a great job at staying neutral and sensible when politics, religions and sensitive topics like that were involved. What’s happening to you?

Ok, let’s talk about the game a little (although there isn’t much game going on this season).

Redemption Island




Matt Elrod lives another day: Not much to say about Matt today, except that his dominance in challenges seems to be slowly fading as it has been beaten several times by Mike now. On the other hand, as you don’t have to win those “duels” to keep on going, why stand out even more than you already have (yet, I’m not sure Matt has this much reasoning in him).

Mike Chiesl lives another day: It was interesting to see Rob looking at him in the past two challenges. He sent Mike to Redemption Island hoping that he gets rid of Matt, but now he seems more and more scared that this is Mike who could return from Redemption Island and go on an immunity run until the final. And that could definitely happen, especially if Rob votes Grant off soon, as he should.
Was it a strategic move from Mike to let Ometepe see their loved ones? It had to be at least partly (the other part being religious wackiness). Was it a good move? I’m still debating it. I seriously doubt that it won him any jury vote from Ometepe, but it definitely seems that he lost Ralph’s. However, he also seems to have secured Matt’s because Matt is masochistic like that. Of course, it would have been a mistake to let Ralph and Matt have their loved ones and uplift their spirits and make them harder to beat in the next duel. I think the best option there was to be selfish, nobody would have had hold it against him and if anybody did, we can be sure that they were not going to vote for Mike in the final if he’s there anyway.

Ralph Kiser sent to Redemption Island:Ralph is pissed at Mike as he should. Will this have any sort of influence for the duels and/or the final vote? I seriously doubt it. I still hope that Ralph makes it back from Redemption Island, but his edit right now (or lack of thereof) makes it look more than unlikely.

Steve Wright is the third member of the jury: He was spent. And he spent most of his time since the merge wanting to go home. Sometimes Survivor hits big guys harder than smaller ones, as they need more energy and food. Another example that Survivor is the real deal (wow, what’s happening to me, has Jeff Probst possessed me for a minute here?)

The Murlonio/Mariano Tribe

Andrea Boelhke sent to Redemption Island: I have waited for that big move from Andrea for a long time. It never came. Worse, while she has been on the outs of her alliance since almost the beginning, at least I thought that she was aware of it. Apparently not (see her “Ometepe cheer” at last week’s vote). The only interesting thing now (and it’ll be interesting for about two minutes) will be her reunion with Matt on Redemption Island.
Ashley Underwood: Is there anything interesting or worth mentioning about her this week? Hmmm… No…
Grant Mattos: As Rob said, all Grant needs to do at this point in the game is to talk with Natalie, which he won’t. Everyone knows that Grant could simply win every single immunity until the end. Of course, most of Ometepe doesn’t care. Rob does, so Grant is most likely to be targeted as soon as he doesn’t win immunity. How pissed will he be at Rob? Good question, at this point, he may even forgive him, after all last week he apologized for beating him in the challenge.
Natalie Tenerelli: She’s amazing! Last week she spoke. This week she cried. What is she going to do next week?
Former Federal Agent Phillip Sheppard: So crazy or not crazy? I wish we had heard more of his conversations with his sister. But as I said in the beginning of this post: I really hope he is not and that this was all an act, this is the only thing that could save this season.
Boston Rob Mariano: Not only he has had an unfair advantage since the very beginning, but now he’s even being given the Hero edit (even though he’s as full of scumbaggery as he’s always been). Oh, poor Rob that passes out at the end of the challenge, let’s all feel bad for him. Come one, contestants always pass out at the end of challenges, it’s just not shown in the final edit. But if it is Rob, there we have to see it so that we feel sympathetic for him. Sorry I won’t. I also “liked” how he said that he has to win the million so that you can provide for your wife or something like that. Isn’t Amber a millionaire (plus all of the money both won in the many reality shows they were in and that I haven’t watched)? Maybe I misunderstood, maybe it was just this macho syndrome of guys that feel emasculated because they make less money than their wives? Is it was this is all about Rob?
And please people, stop saying that he’s playing the best game of Survivor ever. Him playing with people like Natalie and Ashley, is like me in a spelling bee contest in French and against Ralph. And no, that wouldn’t make me the best spelling bee contestant ever.


Next person voted out: 
Grant is he doesn’t win immunity. Ashley if Grant wins immunity.
At Redemption Island, depending on the type of duel, Ralph or Andrea will be sent to the jury.

Final and Winner:
Is someone from Redemption Island makes it to the final (and by someone I mean Matt or Mike) they’ll win no doubt. If Phillip reveals that he’s the best actor ever, he could win too. Is there any scenario where Rob can win? I seriously doubt it… Natalie and Grant also have their chance to win if they make it to the final, and in the case Vecepia Towery and Natalie White can celebrate, they won’t be the worst Survivor winners ever.

And you? What do you think? Who do you think is out next, will come back from Redemption Island and who will win it all?

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