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Survivor 22: Mike Chiesl

Mike Chiesl

31 year-old realtor and ex-marine from California.

And here is the muscle man of this season. Just like any muscle man, I’m afraid this one will confuse being good at Survivor with winning a lot of challenges. We’ll see. Oh and can he talk about anything else apart from being an ex-marine?

What are his strong points in my opinion?
  • He has muscles.
  • He could be fun (and that would be his secret weapon)..
  • Er… Anything else? Can you help me here?

What are his weak points?

  • Does he have brains?
  • He says he’s willing to “step into the grey” but I don’t buy it. I think he’ll have the “Captain America” syndrome, Terry Deitz style.
  • He says that his favorite contestants are Rupert Boneham and Rudy Boesh. I think that says a lot about his strategy skills.

How will he do?

  • I’d like to say that he will do well pre-merge and be an early boot post-merge, but Chase Rice showed us how to be a very bad player with all muscles and no brain and almost win the game. And Mike seems to have a bit more brains than Chase. Seriously, I don’t see how he could win.

What do I think of him so far?

  • More or less nothing. I usually consider guys like him on Survivor to be part of the background. He’s there, and then one day he’s not there anymore and you realized that you had already forgotten about him.

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