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Survivor 22 : Ashley Underwood

Ashley Underwood

25 year-old from Maine.

First “issue” with her, she’s not very clear about her job. She’s at the same time “nurse by education” (understand: she’s never ever actually been a nurse), a model, an ex-professional basket-ball player (in Switzerland), a “business owner” (what kind of business?) and a barista too.
Why does this annoy me? Well, I don’t care about what she actually does for a living, but apparently she cares enough (and is embarrassed enough?) that she doesn’t explicitly says it. And I don’t have a very good opinion of those kinds of people in general. Especially when she underlines things that “I’m a nurse by education.” Sorry, but if you don’t work as a nurse, you’re not a nurse, period. No need to mention it, your education won’t impress anyone, unless you’re a post-doc.
Also that gives out the feeling that she’s one of those contestants that are there not because they love the game, but because they want their 15 minutes of fame, hence the public image she’s trying to create by trying to impress us with her resume.

What are her strong points in my opinion?
  • She’s athletic.
  • She could be cutthroat.
  • She will be manipulative and a flirt. She looks like a Parvati type, but if she seems to have Parvati’s flirting abilities, I’m not sure she has Parvati’s brain. We’ll see.

What are her weak points?

  • She seems quite opinionated (she says that she has many pet peeves, too many in my opinion) and she just could rub some people the wrong way.
  • She seems quite pretentious too.
  • Her voice. I don’t know about you – and more important her tribemates – but I just can’t be around girls with that type of sorority/somewhat valley girl/”dumb blonde” type (no need to be dumb nor blonde to be that type) voice for too long before I want to kill someone (possibly her). Maybe that’s just me.
How will she do?
  • Her athleticism should prevent her from being an early boot. After that, it all depends on how she’s going to get along with her tribemates and whether she’ll make the right alliances or not, without annoying too many people. I doubt she can win. If she lasts, I feel that she’s going to make too many enemies to be able to get their votes in the end.

What do I think of her so far?

  • I’m not a big fan either. However, I think that the vibes she gives off in her pre-game interviews are not very reliable as to how she’s going to be acting in the game. It will most likely depend on how she gets along with the other people on the beach. She could end up being a very fun, possibly likable character, or on the opposite, an insufferable bitch. We’ll see.

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