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Survivor 21: the (D)early Departed

No, I haven’t given up on commenting Survivor this season, I was just away from the country and busy for the past few weeks. I got to watch every episode, I just didn’t have time to blog about them.
I won’t make a summary of the past weeks, just a few lines about people that got voted out.

  • Kelly Bruno: I don’t really understand why so many people were after her. She seemed very likeable and I can’t believe that all the people that gunned for her did it just because they were afraid of the sympathy vote because of her leg. I mean, it’s obvious that had she made it to the end, the reason why people would have voted for her to get the million or not would have had nothing to do with her leg (except maybe for Naonka) and everything to do with her behavior in the game. I guess what did her is the fact that she made the wrong alliance in the beginning and was on the outs ever since. Sad, I really wish she had gone far.
  • Jill Behm: She got screwed by the reshuffling of the tribes. That always happens, and I gotta admit that’s one of the things that annoy me when it happens (apart from that I love when tribes get realigned, I just wish they could do it in a way that doesn’t screw people in a way that there’s nothing they can do to save themselves. That being said, Jill was not that interesting nor likable, she won’t be missed (except by Marty).
  • Jimmy Johnson: I was very sad to see him go that early and it kinda pissed me off it happened because of Marty’s and most important Jimmy T. misplaced egos. Although, seeing that everyone voted against him, I suspect that he was in a worse shape than was shown on the show.
  • James “Jimmy T” Tarantino: Most annoying contestant ever. His rants could have been amusing, but no, they were just painful to hear, I just wish he had been voted out before Jimmy Johnson.
  • Tyrone Davis: I’m not sure why Tyrone behaved the way he did after the reshuffling of the tribes. He had everything to go very far in the game, the only thing he shouldn’t have done was what he did: piss off a bunch of people whom he doesn’t know and who have the numbers against him. Big mistake.
  • Yve Rojas: Talking about big mistakes, I still don’t understand how she was voted out above Dan, but saying she was well-connected with people on the other tribe must have played a big role. I suspect other similar blunders that we didn’t see, as it seems she really dug her own grave.

Ok, I’ll be back shortly with a review of last episode.

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