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Survivor 21, Episode 9: Running the Camp

Last episode was very interesting, and I think a very defining moment of this season as it seems that lines were drawn (guys one side, girls plus Chase on the other side, Brenda and Sash in the middle but controling the game) although, I’m pretty sure those lines will be blurred as soon as next week.

  • Ben “Benry” Henry: I thiunk he is really disappointing. Early in the game he seems manipulative enough to run a few things this season. Right now, he’s totally in the bandwagon. Except that he was in Marty’s bandwagon lately, and that won’t be good for him. Right now, he’s savy enough to lay low, but if the new majority that emerged stay together, he could as well be the next to go, as Dan and Fabio are both liked and non-threatening, which is not Benry’s case. The only thing that can save him now (apart from winning a lot of immunities) is to find the people that are at the bottom of the majority alliance and pull them in with Fabio, Dan and himself . He’s fighting uphill battle on that one. Not only he’ll need to find those people, and possibly three of them, but as I don’t think anybody feels that they are in the bottom three of the majority group. Ironically, the only thing that can save him now is if Brenda and Sash are (over)-confident enough to start eliminating people from that majority, which would be foolish of them.
  • Brenda Lowe: Last week I was wondering whether she was the one running the show. I guess we got our answer today, and Sash and her voted Marty out and not Jane. Brenda should go very far in that game, right now, the only thing that can prevent her from going to the Final Three is ironically her closest ally, Sash, who may think of betraying her. That being said, she could also betray and blindside him very soon, but is it in her interest? Not sure. Funny though to see those two good players having a solid alliance, but still not really trusting each other.
  • Chase Rice: It looks like he has made a big mistake aligning himself witht he women, but actually that was not a mistake, he sided on the right side of the vote. What was a big mistake is his paranoid and whiny behavior with Brenda, that alone is putting him to the bottom of the majority and he could be voted out soon, just because of that.
  • Dan Lembo:Dan is strangely in a good position now, but not as good since Marty got voted out. Before, he was no threat to anybody, he was weak, so people were willing to keep him. Now, if he ever makes it to the final three and if he makes it with people that ruffled enough feathers with the jury members, he could be getting lots of votes. But if he ever wins, he would be the worst player to ever win and that would be unfortunate.
  • Holly Hoffman: Her social game is good, her “mommy” role in the tribe put her in a safe position, but not as safe as she thinks. As soon as people won’t need her she’ll be history and I don’t think she really realizes it.
  • Jane Bright: Jane can thank Sash and Brenda, she could have been voted out easily last night if it hadn’t been for Marty’s plan being incompatible with Brenda’s. I’m not sure where she stands now, sure she got her way with Marty, but I also think that what he said about her could make some people think twice about keeping her much longer in the game.
  • Jud “Fabio” Birza: Marty’s elimination puts him in a precarious position. He’s still well-liked by most of the tribe, he’s still seen as unthreatening, but very soon, it’s only going to be a question of numbers, and he’s on the wrong side of those, although he should outlast Benry, possibly Dan, and possibly another contestant or two.
  • “Purple” Kelly Shinn: Do I really have anything to say about her? Unfortunately, no. She thinks her under-the-radar strategy will get her far and it kinda does, but she’s fully aware (as she states in a video on that Brenda and Sash are in her way if she hopes to win. Could she go with the guys? Possibly. Does she have a chance to win that game? No, not a single one.
  • NaOnka Mixon: I still can’t believe she’s offending so many people and she’s still in the game. Although, she tried to lay as low as she possibly could this week (which is not very low at all), and it was the guys strategy to attack her at tribal council to force her to play the idol. The guys are just unaware that she’s really tight with Brenda who must have told her that it was Marty’s plan. Now, I’m afraid to say that she could possibly make it to the final three, as she’s gold to have next to you then, that means more votes for you, obviously.
  • Marty Piombo voted out: Yes he’s a good player, yes he understands the game very well, but he made three major mistakes: he’s too vocal about things, he’s not nice enough, and he let his feeling take over his thinking with his little vendetta against Jane. It could have worked if he had managed to make it appear as a strategic move, not a personal one. Because it didn’t work he had to go. I must admit he had a good run though, and hadn’t it been for the reshuffling of the tribes, he could be in a position to go to the end.
  • Matthew “Sash” Lenahan: Sash is a good player, but Sash lies to much, and that will come back to haunt him. We can be sure that Fabio, Benry and Dan will be after him next week and if for some reasons, some more people think that could be a good moment to get rid of him, he could be in trouble (not in much trouble as he has an idol, and I don’t think Brenda would go after him that soon)
Next Week: Strange preview. It seems that something really bad happened. Doesn’t seem that somebody got injured though. More something like the camp was destroyed by something (bad weather? animals?) while they were away during a challenge or something like that. I think Benry gets voted out.
Prediction for the Winner: Jane, Sash or Brenda (but Brenda seems like the safest bet at this point)

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