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Survivor 21, Episode 2: Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All

Is it just me or is it that this season of Survivor is not wasting any time to become entertaining. I guess the producers learned from their mistakes of Survivor Samoa and understood that casting only one member out of twenty with personality was not a great idea when one can cast 20 or so of them. In any case, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a second episode that entertaining so far.
La Flor Tribe
I knew it wouldn’t take long before “team spirit” disappears and that a bunch of people start going at each other throat. Although, this team could be united without trouble makers like Shannon and Naonka. Now that one is gone, and that the other should be gone soon, maybe they’ll be less dysfunctional, we’ll see.

  • Alina Wilson: Interesting how she’s the one with Kelly B. that told their “alliance” to target Brenda, thus making them the shot callers, but then she didn’t have the smarts to switch her vote against Shannon when the wind blew in his direction. Didn’t she realize that Benry and Kelly B. were voting him out? I guess not. I wonder what it means for later. She could be a target soon and she should find that hidden immunity idol even sooner.
  • Ben “Benry” Henry: Every time I see his face, I’m thinking “this guy looks smart, he could be the snake of the team and be manipulating everyone” and yet we almost never see him speak. But even if we don’t see him speak he’s part of a lot of conversations, which as you know if you watch Survivor is a sign that you’re not on the outs. Another proof: he changed his vote to Shannon. So what I think is that he’s playing quite an under the radar game and he could be playing everyone else sooner than later.
  • Brenda Lowe: We could say that she’s got lucky. We could also say that she made the right moves to be sure to have Chase follow her like a puppy. I’ll go with the second option. Although, she’s got lucky that Kelly B. and Benry changed their vote. Unless this has nothing to do with luck, maybe she talked them into doing it. If she makes it to the merge (and I think she will) she’s definitely All-Star material.
  • Chase Rice: What can I say about Chase? Nothing really. Kuddos to him for going with Brenda against Shannon, but we all know it’s not because of strategy but because he’s Brenda’s puppy and than he hopes to get a piece of her (he won’t).
  • Jud Birza: Still clueless, still hilarious, still very likable. Strangely, he also seemed to be the wisest during tribal council. Well, until the vote that is, when he went back to his clueless self. I don’t think he’ll go to the merge, even though somebody like him is easy to manipulate, and anybody that has a long term plan should think about keeping him for numbers.
  • Kelly Bruno: She showed some idiots (Naonka) that she’s a competitor and that her leg won’t be a problem (she wouldn’t have been accepted on the show otherwise), but more important, she seems liked by pretty much everyone on the tribe, she’s the one that told everybody else in her “alliance” to vote Brenda, and she had the smarts to switch her vote when it was necessary to. The only thing now will be whether Brenda will go after her or not. That could and will decide her future on the show.
  • Kelly Shinn: She’s pretty…
  • NaOnka Mixon: If you don’t want people to think you’re a bitch, maybe you should stop behaving like one, because right now that’s the only word I can think of when describing her… Or and stupid too, as well as psycho, and let’s not forget classless (see comments about Kelly B.) I hope she goes soon, although I’m afraid that won’t happen as now she’s in the leading alliance. I still hope Sash and Brenda will tire of her quickly.
  • Matthew “Sash” Lenahan: I’m not sure whether I like him or not. Making alliance according to minorities: lame. Making the right moves, saying the right things at the right time: good (except maybe the “bachelor” and “hot girlfriends” thing, that was lame too). But if he stays with Brenda, bring in more useful people than Naonka in their alliance, he could go very far. Except that if he starts being in a leading position, he’ll get overconfident and that will be his demise.
  • Shannon Elkins voted out: Homophobic bully redneck voted out first in his tribe. Sometimes there’s a justice in the world.


They’re still the more interesting tribe, but I’m afraid that they will self destruct if they can’t win challenges without the Medallion of Power, especially now that alliances and affinities are starting to be more defined.
  • Dan Lembo: He seems like a genuinely nice guy, but why on Earth would he buy $1600 on shoes? OK, everybody is entitled to waste their money the way they want, but why on Earth would he have brought them with him on the island? Even if psycho Holly hadn’t thrown them in the water they would have been ruined one way or the other. Apart from that, he’s on Marty’s side which is good news for him, but I still think he’s at the bottom of the pecking order in this tribe, but his apparently likable personality could make him last longer than he logically should.
  • Holly Hoffman: We’ve seen people lose it on Survivor before, but that much that early? I don’t think so. As Jimmy Johnson said; somebody that breaks down the way she did will do it again sooner than later. For the good of the tribe I hope they all realize that and send her home as soon as possible.
  • Jane Bright: We barely saw her that episode. It’s a shame.
  • Jill Behm: But we finally got to see and hear Jill and I really like her. Smart, calm, composed, non-threatening, those are qualities that will get her far, but I don’t see her win unfortunately, she seems too nice and not throat-cutting enough for that. I don’t know if it’s a good thing that she told Marty about the clue. On the one hand she imposed herself in Marty’s alliance, which is the right place to be in this tribe, but Marty will just use her until he doesn’t need her anymore. Luckily for her, he may need her until the end if he hopes to get there.
  • Jimmy Johnson: His qualities are both his strength and his weakness. He’s the coach, he said he didn’t want to be the coach on Survivor, but that’s in his veins, he cannot not be the coach. That’s great for the team and the team’s spirit. That will hurt him for his own advancement in the game because he’ll have to be more conniving and backstabbing that he can be I think. Also, I know why he got cast on the show. It’s to show Coach Wade what a real coach looks like on Survivor. 😉
  • James “Jimmy T” Tarantino: He has to stop being an idiot and wanting to be the leader of the tribe. No people won’t listen to you, you’re not a leader, you don’t have leader aura nor personality. Also stop obsessing about Jimmy Johnson, that won’t get you anywhere far, even less if you succeed into voting him.
  • Marty Piombo: That’s it, Marty has stepped into his shoes of mastermind/puppet master of his trive. He has the hidden immunity idol (and I doubt that he will want to share it with Jill if she needs it) he has his alliance: Dan, Jill, he can use Jimmy T. He’s ready to run the show. We’ll see how he does it.
  • Tyrone Davis: Still not much of Tyrone, except for that great way of putting Jimmy T. back to his place. I’m still not sure how he will fare though, we’ll have to see more of him.
  • Yve Rojas: Not much of her this episode…
Next week:Apparently it will all be about Naonka’s antics and the battle of the two Jimmies next week. And if those storylines are developed, that can only mean that Naonka as well as one of the two Jimmies won’t last long…Merge Predictions: Brenda, Sash, Kelly B., Benry, Chase on La Flor and Jane, Jill, Marty, Yve and Tyrone for Espada.

Winner: It seems very obvious that’s it’s going to be Brenda or Marty, so obvious that I’ll pick Benry for La Flor or Jill for Espada.

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