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Survivor 20, Episode 9: Survivor History

This episode was going to be a pretty almost dull episode if “Survivor History” hadn’t been made. What JT tried to do will most likely come down as one of the boldest move or one of the biggest mistake in Survivor History. And seeing how he was wrong on his assumption of a women alliance in the Villains tribe, I’m afraid it’s the latter. We’ll see.
But I know that people out there are already calling this stupidest mistake on Survivor. I disagree, while it’s most likely a huge mistake, this move is actually a smart one, it just may backfire big time.


If it is a stupid move, it’s collective one. When JT came up with this idea, why didn’t anybody tell him that this is really a too bold move and that they really should keep the idol and use it to try to knock out a Villain at the merge so that they can have the advantage? This is a rethorical question, the answer is that this group is not united at all and nobody really trust anybody, and everybody is afraid that somebody is going to flip on the other side when the merge happens, unless they’re themselves the ones thinking about flipping.
Amanda Kimmel
Let’s take Amanda. Amanda is not too sure about JT’s plan, she even tells it in a confessional. So why isn’t she telling JT to not do it? Why is she letting him use her pen and paper (in case you’re wondering where those came from, they’re Amanda luxury item)? Well, because she doesn’t trust JT, because she doesn’t want to be burned by JT using the idol against her, and because if there’s a girl alliance in the Villains tribe as she is best friends with Parvati and good friends with Courtney, she would have a good spot in it, definitely above Sandra or Jerri. Actually, as Coach is the first member of the jury, there’s most likely going to be a final three and I see how Amanda can see herself with Courtney and Parvati in it.
Candice Woodcock
Same thing with Candice. She doesn’t trust and even seems to dislike JT. She’ll be all too happy to see him get rid of the immunity idol. But Candice’s strength is also her weakness. If she can make smart and devious moves when needed, she doesn’t seem to be able to really plan ahead. In this case, she seems to be thinking she can go to the end just by jumping on opportunities as they come and avoid fire every time. That could work in a season with beginners, not with those seasoned players.
Colby Donaldson
Colby jumped right in JT’s plan, even allowing it to happen when he told Russell about it in the immunity challenge. Colby must be thinking that if there’s a women alliance, he must have a men alliance and bring Russell in or something like that, I don’t know and I don’t care, he’s still a tool.
James “J.T.” Thomas, Jr
Survivor gets won by making bold moves (or by being Natalie and having Russell on your side as well as a bitter jury), and what JT is trying to do is definitely one of the boldest move ever. What he doesn’t know is that this move was triggered by a false assumption (if there is stupidity in this plan it comes from that “Never assume anything on Survivor”), Russell’s seed – again – and the fact that JT is actually more isolated than he thinks in his tribe (and everyone let him go with his idea instead of making him think twice about it, like Stephen would most likely have done had it been the Tocantins). Will trouble happen to JT because of that? Oh I’m pretty sure that yes, if not it wouldn’t have been so much the focus of this episode.
Rupert Boneham
Rupert sees the world in black and white. Good Vs Bad, Heroes Vs Villains, Men Vs Women. And because of this, when he saw the number of men dwindling down in the Villains tribe, there was one and only one possible reason for him: Women alliance picking out the men one by one. OK, whatever. But why oh why does he have to voice it the way he did, not at one challenge, but two of them?! You’re stupid Rupert! I say it again, you’re an idiot!!!

This tribe is amazing. First totally dominating the game, then completely falling apart and now totally taking the upper hand and ready to decimate the Heroes once the merge happens. Will it happen this way, or will something crazy happen again?

Courtney Yates voted off…
OK, now I’m actually pissed at the producers. First Tyson was invisible at the beginning of the season, I thought it was because he was gonna shine later. No, it was just so that Rob could have more screen time. And now, exactly the same thing has happened to Courtney, we started seeing her only after Rob was voted out, and the only reason she was invisible before was to let room for Rob… Once again screw you Rob, you robbed us of some of the most entertaining and fun and awesome contestants ever. I hope to never see you again on TV, and unfortunately I’m afraid we won’t see Courtney and Tyson on Survivor again (but I’m still confident about a Tyson/Coach team on the Amazing Race (I definitely would watch) and we still have Tyson’s great tweets and blog… Concerning Courtney, until the end of the season we will still see her at Ponderosa, and I’m sure she’s gonna kick major ass at the final tribal council… after that… not sure).
Danielle DiLorenzo
Mmmmm…. All of this time while I was thinking that Tyson and Courtney were invisible early in the season because they’d take a more prominent role later in the season, I was just dismissing Danielle. What if she is the one that will take that role? She is way more tight with Parvati and way less tight with Russell that I was assuming and those two women together – with maybe the addition of Amanda – can really control the entire game just like they’re controlling the entire tribe. And even her fake boobs proved useful this week as she could hide the clue to the hidden immunity idol in her bra (Courtney could never have done that).
Jerri Manthey

Jerri has to learn how to play that game too. Last week she may have been able to save Coach had she taken a pro-active approach to the game. Same thing this week. She hates Parvati, she doesn’t trust Russell, but she let them own the tribe because she just doesn’t want to be on the frontline. Well, Jerri when your time comes, don’t start wondering where it came from, you had the chance to take the game into your own hand several times and you didn’t.

Parvati Shallow
There was doubts about who was the “dominant” one in the Russell / Parvati duo. I guess we got the answer this week. Apparently Russell totally trusts her, he think he’s controlling her, but she’s controlling him. You can say anything you want about Parvati’s flirting, that’s her best weapon, and she uses it the way to should be used in this game. Is it wrong to manipulate and use people this way in real life? It’s up to debate even though I’d lean on the “yes” side. Is it wrong to do it on Survivor? Hell no, that’s one of the most powerful weapon in this game, if you have and you have another player that’s so ready to fall for it, use it as much as you can. Just do it in a smart way, and this is exactly what Parvati did in Micronesia (in Cook Islands, she was still learning the game) and this is what she’s doing again, and Russell is a toy in her hands right now, totally blinded by his own ego. The one risky thing here is that Russell may be pissed when he learns that Parvati has a hidden immunity idol, that he didn’t know about it and that Danielle did know. Parvati should better let Russell know by blindsiding him with it, or by saving his life in the game the way he did save hers. If not, I’m not sure what’s gonna happen (but I really can’t wait to see those two go against each other).
Russell Hantz
Hate Russell all you want, his “Russell seed”, his ability to lead people into believing what he wants them to beleive is amazing. Rupert could just have just assumed and voiced that there were a women alliance, if Russell hadn’t been able to totally manipulate JT (not even talking to him!!!!!) the Villains would have just laughed about it and that would have stopped there. But because of Russell mastermind’s skills, now, not only the Heroes will most likely be in trouble, but Russell has another hidden immunity idol when you thought it was not possible… Next week will be most interesting.
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Sandra has the same problem than Candice. She can come up with great ideas on the spot but can’t really plan ahead. Last week was the perfect example, she managed to have Coach voted out, but that just allowed her and Courtyney to survive just a little longer. Had she let her own feeling towards Coach aside and use the same strategy to oust Russell instead, she wouldn’t be a sitting duck now, especially because I don’t think she’ll flip on the Heroes side, at least not right away.
Next Week:
So the merge is happening, Sandra is spilling the beans to Rupert (but Russell had predicted that – see secret scenes on – and it seems that he’ll still be able to let the Heroes believe that he’s on their side. And all hell will most likely break loose for our enjoyment.
Next person voted out:
JT is into a lot of trouble. He’d better get the real individual immunity idol or he’s most likely gone…

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