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Surviving Survivor to David+World?

When I started this blog/site, it was part of a series of various sites and blogs, all more or less linked to each other. I had a lot of time on my hands back then and I could manage that. Years have passed, free time got drastically reduced and little by little some of the sites have disappeared or have merged.

Two examples are David in France and Ask a Frenchman. The first one was about, you guessed it, France, at least from a traveling perspective, the second one was a Q&A about various aspects of the French culture.
When I left France, it seemed obvious that I would have trouble regularly adding content to the former. The latter stayed active, but the longer I was away from my homeland, the harder it became to make sure the information I gave wasn’t outdated. So they were both merged into this current site. It always had a generalist purpose, but after the merge, most of its content was from those two former sites. I’m mentioning these two in particular because I feel that most of its readership today are also former readers from those two sites, or at least people mostly interested in France.

Well, there is another site that I’m considering merging into David+World, but because its content is quite different from what you can already find here, I’m curious about your opinion. I wouldn’t want to alienate too many of my few regular and devoted readers. I’m always sad, but I understand, when I get those “unsubscribed” notifications every time I post too much about something totally unrelated to France (like last Fall with Inktober).

See, there’s this American TV Show that I really love that is called Survivor. I will assume that you’ve heard about it. I love it for many reasons, the main one being that it’s probably the best social and strategy game that I have ever seen (not just TV game show, I’m talking games in general). In my younger years, back in high school and college, those kinds of games (board games, roleplaying games, etc) were my main hobby. I consider Survivor to be the epitome of such games, even if I can never play it.

I don’t think I have missed more than a couple of episodes in the 19 years it’s been on, and for a few years, I also used to blog about it, dissecting the players’ strategies and such. I stopped three years ago, by lack of time, but this coming Spring, I’m seriously considering blogging about the upcoming season.

It’s Season 40, and it’s nicknamed Winners at War. All contestants are previous winners and it could be the best season ever.

So you guessed it. I’m considering merging my blog Surviving Survivor into this one. It feels strange reactivating it for just a few months (I doubt I’ll have the time to write regularly again after this upcoming season – I’m not even totally sure I’ll be able to write weekly for this upcoming season). Also, on a practical and technical side, fewer sites to maintain, mean more time to devote to the remaining ones.

This is when I need your opinion.

What do you think about Surviving Survivor merging into David+World?

  • Would you be fine with it? Or even excited because you like the show too?
  • Or on the opposite, it would be a deal-breaker? The fewer different topics on David+World, the better, I’m already stretching it with my drawings and such?
  • Something else?

Tell me what you think. Please hit the comments and give me your feelings about this…
And what kind of content do you expect from this site? I’m all ears!

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