Surprise on Oléron Island



The title says something along the lines of “Oléron Island – Coming upon an undressing on the sea shore“. I find this postcard quite interesting. First even if it looks like a voyeur picture, we have to assume that it is staged. I seriously doubt that cameras a century ago could take quick snapshots and surprise people like this. Also, I assume that the picture is supposed to be sexy or even a bit erotic. The contrast with nowadays sexy and eroticism is quite striking. Finally, despite the risqué nature of the picture, it was a postcard. Which is a bit surprising on the one hand, but when you think about it, even nowadays in tourist stores one can find postcards with people (usually women) wearing little to no clothes.



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2 thoughts on “Surprise on Oléron Island

    • David

      Actually, I could be wrong, but footwear was not that diverse and the beach was a relatively new thing, and I have seen many pictures of people at the beach (late 19th early 20th Century) wearing their everyday clothes, or rather their nice Sunday clothes as going to the beach was an event in itself, so people dressed accordingly (that is “up”)