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Stacey Powell

We don’t have much to chew on concerning Stacey Powell.

She seems to be a kind of no nonsense, no BS kind of woman, which is good… in real life. In Survivor, these kinds of people can make it far if they have a solid alliance, if not, they get cut quite quickly. And even with a solid alliance they never make it to the end.

Add to that the fact that she’s not a big fan of the show, and the fact that I have doubts about how friendly she is. Those things won’t play in her favor.

Like many other players, she really wants to get rid of the returning players as early as possible. Will she get her wish granted, considering she’ll be on Coach‘s tribe? No idea. I could see a “duel” Coach Vs her for the first vote. Who will come out the winner? No idea.


Unless she gets in the center of a solid alliance quickly, she won’t last long.

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