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South Pacific – Episode 14: Then There Were Five


Was it a crazy episode or not?

Or was it a normal episode full of crazy people?

Ok, at least one crazy person and one pretending to be for some reason.

In any case, I enjoyed every single minute of it.

The Tuna Tribe





– Albert Destrade: It was pretty interesting to see everything blow up to his face this week. All season long he’s tried to make a big move and all season long he never managed to make a single one. And this is when he tried to turn against who seemed to be his number one ally – Sophie – that everyone else is coming after him. I mean, I know he was gonna get in trouble sooner or later, but I thought that was because he was going to turn against Coach or Brandon, not Sophie. He being saved by Brandon’s stupidity was really an act of God, and now that he has pretty much no chance to win, he also has a safe spot in the final three.

– Benjamin “Coach” Wade: “God made me do it!” Coach is hilarious sometimes, don’t you think? He actually won some points this way. Last week, he seemed to be a sure bet to the final three, Brandon too, and as a consequence, the third person there was going to be the winner. But now, with Brandon out and Brandon still stupid enough for not being angry at Coach, his (Coache’s) chances of winning the game have actually increased. Imagine if Coach goes to the final three with Rick “I didn’t do anything this season and I was too under-edited to be the winner” and Albert “everyone thinks I’m a fool and has lost respect for me now.” Of course, Coach will win (with Ozzy, Brandon, Sophie and Cochran votes at least). All in all, I’m still surprised that he didn’t bring Brandon with him to the end. I don’t know if this is carefully planned or not.

– Brandon Hantz sent to Redemption Island: Yes Brandon, you really cleared up Russell’s name. Now, thanks to you, we all know that he’s not the worst member of the Hantz family. He’s a bully, he’s a pitiful man, he’s a jerk, but he’s not the stupid psycho that you are. You really need some serious psycho-therapy bro (and even more so since the show). For the ability to think, I don’t know what can be done for you, although stopping to be a religious psycho is a good start. In any case, Erik Reichenbach must be happy tonight, he’s off the hook now. At least, Erik realized right after giving the necklace that it was a terribly dumb move. I’m not sure that 5 or 6 months after the fact Brandon has realized it and will he ever?

Rick Nelson: I kinda like him when he talks, why did he never do it before? Was he really such an uninteresting player? Strangely, I’d say that he would be in a good spot to win now, if only he hadn’t been so under-edited that there is no way he can be the winner.

Sophie Clarke: And then we have Sophie. I’m sad that she’s a bit underedited too (but she’s a woman and Probst is producer what can you do?) because she’s clearly is the best player this season, and she’s the one who deserves to win the million. I still believe she will, although it may be hard as she’ll have to get rid of Coach and possibly of Ozzy. It will be hard, very hard… Unless… She goes to the finale with Coach and Ozzy. Actually she stands a chance if she’s with both of them in the finale. Ok, this is a long shot, let’s hope she goes there with Rick and Albert. In any case, good luck Sophie, I’ll be rooting for you Sunday night (or rather Monday, as it’ll be Monday in my time zone).

Redemption Island

Ozzy Lusth survives another day: Sometimes editors do a great job, sometimes not so much. Let’s see. The preview basically tells us that Edna wins, and then we don’t get any confessional of Ozzy before the challenge. Which means the chances that he loses it were zero.

Now, what are his chances to return to the game. He just needs to win against Brandon. He won’t be too hard and I believe he will return to the game. Will he make it to the end? I doubt it but you never know. Nothing against Ozzy (well, a little bit, I think he’s a terrible player) but if a guy who spent most of the season on Redemption Island wins, it will suck even more than a guy who wins for his fourth time playing and being put in a tribe of starstruck braindead people.


Next time on Survivor:

Well, it’s the finale and I think it will go this way:

Ozzy beats Brandon.

Ozzy doesn’t win immunity and he’s voted out.

After that? Well, I really don’t know actually… but I hope Sophie wins…

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