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South Pacific – Episode 13: Ticking Time Bomb


Hey everyone,

I’m back!

I’m finally moved in my new apartment and I finally have an internet connection back.

So, where were we? Cochran betrayed Savaii and didn’t turn that to his advantage and get screwed by Honor & Integrity as soon as they got the chance.

Actually, here is my take on the whole Honor & Integrity thing; only Brandon believes it. I means, he betrays and lies as much as everyone else (possibly even a bit more), but he believes he doesn’t.

Albert and Sophie just pretend they’re on board with that, but it’s just a facade.

Rick believes… What does Rick believe? If you know, please, tell us.

And Coach… Actually it’s also hard to tell. Is Coach fooling himself Brandon-style with this, or is he just lying?

I guess we’ll know sooner or later.

The Tuna Tribe



– Albert Destrade: Not that much about him this week. The only noticeable thing is that he appeared to be next to Sophie in pretty much every single scene he was in (except for the small trip to Redemption Island, and even there, we didn’t really see him). Ok, it’s not a surprise that Sophie and him are tight. My question is how tight? Or rather, how ready are they to cut Coach’s throat when time comes? Albert has been wanting to make a big move since day one, Sophie always prevented him from doing so. Soon could be the time.

– Benjamin “Coach” Wade: I have to give props to the amazing game that Coach has played so far. How course, when returning players play against newbies they always have an unfair advantage, but if Stephenie Lagrossa or Boston Rob had their work cut out for them when they were in that situation, Coach had an uphill battle to fight to arrive where he is now (or maybe not, maybe that was easy once his tribes mate discovered that he was a real guy and not the buffoon that they has previously seen on TV. Now I’m wondering what is Coach’s plan for the end game. Promising final three to Ozzy if he returns was smart, yet dangerous. Sure with Ozzy in the final three, Coach has more chances to win… in theory… But Coach has to think that most of the jury will be Savaii members. If Ozzy doesn’t return to the game, Coach could win his vote though.

– Brandon Hantz: Edna made tons of valid points in defending herself. Sadly for her, it is all of her valid points that are keeping Brandon in the game. He has no chance to win whatsoever, and this is why everyone wants him in the final three next to them, and I’m afraid he will get there… Although, I don’t know if I got used to him or if it’s the edit that makes him more bearable, but now I’m not dreading his meltdowns, I’m waiting for them. I was even disappointed that he didn’t have one today.
One small word about Daddy Hantz. While Brandon is not that similar to Russell, Daddy on the other hand is made from the same wood. I can’t believe the way he bullied Coach into bringing his son with him in the final three.

– Edna Ma sent to Redemption Island: I feel bad for Edna, I really do. Of all the people out there, she’s the one who seems to be the most honorable and honest. This is also why she didn’t stand a chance. Yet, it is not a reason to bully her the way Brandon did. Even Coach, while still acting “honorable” with her, was really condescending in certain ways.

Rick Nelson: He’s still here. (is there anything else I can say about him?)

Sophie Clarke: She’s in my eyes more and more in the best position to win this game. She hasn’t been targeted once, she has a strong ally in Albert, yet the next three votes will be the hardest, or at least one of them as I believe the only person on the way between her and the million right now is Coach and she has to vote him out before he votes her out. How will this play out? I can’t wait to see.

Redemption Island

Ozzy Lusth survives another day: Wow, that duel against Cochran. I really saw the Cochran upset until… it didn’t come. What now? The preview is too obvious, so I’m pretty sure Edna won’t beat Ozzy, although that would be interesting. And the way Ozzy has been edited on Redemption Island seems to indicate that he will return for sure. And actually I’m really curious on how this will play out if he returns. We have to assume that Coach will still be in the game (unless he gets voted out and Coach and Ozzy have to fight a duel to know who will return). I believe that Ozzy will be voted out right after coming back, à la Andrea Boehlke, but who knows?


Next time on Survivor:

Will Ozzy really lose to Edna?

Who will be sent to Redemption Island?

Rick seems to be the obvious choice, doesn’t he?

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