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Sophie Clarke

(South Pacific – 2nd-time player)

I’m really happy to see Sophie play again. I think she’s a very underrated winner.

Her gameplay is not very showy but she’s much stronger than many people realize. However, while most fans (and Probst?) don’t give her enough credit, the other contestants will.

I hope she has worked on her social skills in the few years that she hasn’t played. It was Sophie’s main weakness and I believe that it could be her downfall this time around. She will need to make friends. Or at least to be “friendly” with people. The game is more social than ever, and I don’t know if she has the social skills to go to the end in a full-returnees season.

Now, she was very young and didn’t have much experience in life her first-time around. It’s almost ten years later. She’s probably the person who grew and changed the most outside of the game among all the people out there.

Also, she’s quite well-connected in Survivor’s past-contestants circles. She’s part of the “know-it-alls inner circle”, she seems to hang out more or less regularly with the New York area past contestants (does the wine and cheese alliance still exist?). In other words, she’s not totally isolated.

Sophie can make it far, but she will probably have to survive some dangerous votes, probably early in the game. She will need some “meat shields” in her alliance. Can she win? It will be hard, very hard.

Sophie doesn’t seem to be on Twitter.

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