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Slice (Inktober 2018 – Day 31)

Wow! Here we are! Day 31 of Inktober! I made it (sure we’re on November 7th, not October 31st, but who cares?).

I didn’t think I would (I’ll probably write one more post on the topic to tell you about my impressions, feelings and all that).

Day 31 is Slice, and with that prompt, there is only one thing I could draw.

I wish I had finished this challenge with a better drawing, but the only slices I can think of are saucisson slices. You don’t understand how much one misses saucisson when you’re a Frenchman living far from Europe. And while the drawing feels unfinished, I don’t want to run the risk to destroy it when adding more strokes.

So, that will be it:




The end… for now…


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