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Short Exposure Fountain


Lately, I’ve started practicing taking picture with short exposure. For some reason, until recently I always had the tendency to leave the shutter speed on automated mode focusing mostly on the aperture. Why? Good question. Hence, my intention to change that a little. My daughter being very hard to shoot when she runs (that is every time she’s outdoors) kinda triggered that.

Here is my first experiments with a local fountain in Takamatsu:




I didn’t really have a “desired result” in mind, more a “shoot the water and see what happens” approach to it.

I kinda like the result, especially on the second one that has a quite abstract feeling to it.




Next step is of course to start trying to have an intended result in mind and aiming to attain it.

That will be for another day.


On a side note, you may have noticed that the blog’s look has changed.

What do you think?



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