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Sarah Lacina

(Game Changers – 3rd-time player)

Sarah Lacina

I’m torn about Sarah. Not gonna lie, I don’t like her. And the worst part is that I don’t really know why I don’t like her. I just don’t. Sorry.

So, I’ll have a very hard time rooting for her or even say positive things about her. It’s really a weird thing. The other contestants I don’t like (Ben and Boston Rob come to mind), I know why I don’t like them, I can explain why I don’t like them, and I can also talk about their positive aspects. With Sarah, I just can’t, it’s a very irrational feeling. It bothers me, honestly.

Also, to avoid any misunderstanding, I think now is a good time to remind readers of this disclaimer. In short: we don’t know these people for real. We only know what the editors decide to show us on TV. So any negative or positive thing about these people on this blog will be about the “characters” we see on TV, not about the actual individuals. Maybe Sarah is a lovely person in real life. She’s not on my TV screen.

With that being said, her win in Game Changers was impressive and somehow deserved (well, Cirie actually deserved to win, and she was robbed in the most ludicrous way) and no one should underestimate her this time around either.

However, and seeing her pregame interviews, I have no idea whether other contestants will underestimate her or not, but I’m afraid that she is seriously overestimating herself. She’s definitely a bit too cocky in these interviews, and not the good kind of cocky.
When people like Sandra or Tyson are being cocky, they mostly do it for show, they don’t take themselves too seriously. Don’t get me wrong, they both have a big ego, but they’re both able to keep it in check if needed, and their cockiness is mostly a character they play. They can also be self-deprecating at times (yes, even Tyson if you pay close attention) and they seem to really know themselves well, both the good and the bad.
Sarah, on the other hand, always seemed to have a big ego, even back in Cagayan, and now that she has won, it really seems to be quite overinflated.
No, Sarah, you are a good player, but you’re not the best player, and you’re definitely not the best winner, far from it.

Sarah’s downfall could happen because of that. Not only she thinks she’s at the level of the “legends”, but she thinks she’s better than them. Add to that the fact that nobody really trusts her and she has some bad history with both Sandra and Tony. So, if she doesn’t play under-the-radar at least at first, if she comes on too strong, the possibility that she gets put back to her place is very real, and by that I mean an early trip to the Edge of Extinction.

Honestly, that’s what I hope. I think it’s a realistic hope. Sorry to any Sarah fan who reads this.

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