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Sandra Diaz-Twine

(Pearl Islands & Heroes vs Villains – 4th-time player)

Sandra Diaz-Twine

What hasn’t been said about Sandra? First of all and before we go any further I love Sandra and I think she’s indeed the Queen of Survivor!

Some people think she shouldn’t have won Heroes vs Villains… Yeah right… One doesn’t win the most competitive season in the history of the show by chance!

Of course, she sucks at challenges, and her strategical mind, while good, may not be the best. However, her social game is one of the very best and it totally makes up for her shortcomings and more. Survivor is and (hopefully) always will be first and foremost a social game.

I really don’t know how well she will fare.

First of all, I’m afraid and sad that her chances to win are almost zero. I can’t imagine anyone allowing her to make it to the end.
That doesn’t mean that she’ll be an early boot, though.
Everyone loves Sandra (the past contestants who don’t like her won’t be on the island). She will play with only one obvious “rival” – Tony – and with many good friends – Rob (and by extension, Amber) Tyson, I’m probably forgetting a few as she’s one of the best-connected players out there.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes the merge. I will be greatly surprised if she doesn’t become one of the biggest targets after the merge, even her allies then will probably turn on her.

In any case, it’ll be fun and great to see her play again. And I think she’s back for that, to have fun… She knows her chances to win are almost non-existent. And yet, her competitive nature must not be underestimated, she will play hard no matter what.

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