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Ripe (Inktober 2019 – Thirty-One)

And here we are. Inktober 2019‘s last drawing! I did it. Honestly, I’m surprised I managed to complete the challenge seeing how busy I was this month, but as explained previously Inktober really made me like drawing again, but I know that I won’t actually be drawing much for the next 11 months (but I’ll try), so it was important to finish this.

The last drawing was supposed to be for October 31st, so of course, wanting to do something Halloween-related makes sense. However, I’m drawing this last entry a week late, so… So, it’s actually perfect for the prompt – Ripe – as the Jack O’ Lanterns are indeed becoming a little (too) ripe at the moment.

And I’m pretty happy with how this last drawing turned out.


What do you think?

A little voice inside my head is telling me to add some orange, but we all know that it’s rarely a good idea to listen to the voices in your head, so this drawing is complete and fine as is.

And, so we’re almost finished with Inktober 2019. Just like last year, I’ll post one final post debriefing a little bit everything, and we’ll move on to something else.

Stay tuned.


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