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Ring (Inktober 2019 – Day One)

And here we go!

The first prompt of Inktober 2019 is… Ring!

My first thought was doing something that had to do with the One Ring, yes, the one from the Lord of Rings. However, I had already drawn it last year for “Precious so I had to do something different this year (well, I could recycle old drawing if I’m out of time, but starting to do it on my second year of doing Inktober may not be a good idea).

So instead, I took the other meaning of “ring“, the loud one.

Here is the result (and as I hadn’t drawn anything in months and afraid to mess every step of the drawing, I took pictures for each of those steps 🙂 ):



And the final step, after erasing the pencil.



Not the most amazing drawing, I know. It’s really about warming up and such.

I may be tempted to add more color this year, like for this drawing. When I look at all of last year’s drawings together, the ones with colors stick out more (obviously).

Alright, onto prompt #2, Mindless… Gosh, I’m already stuck. What am I going to draw for this?



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